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Friday, February 27, 2009

Welcome Nicholas James!

Nicholas James was born on February 25, 2009 at 4:17 a.m. He weighed 8 lbs 9 ounces at birth and is 21 inches long.

Here is our birth story (warning - it is a long post):

It is Tuesday morning and I'm feeling a lot of pressure and it is obvious that baby has lowered. I became a little concerned that I was leaking amniotic fluid but only a little as it wasn't anything like when my water broke with the twins. Just to be on the safe side, I went to the OB's office - thankfully, since I was in the vanpool that day, my boss said she would take me.

We get to the OB's office - she offers to wait until Jon gets there but I get called back before he does and I tell her she can go. My blood pressure was o.k. I had gained another 1 1/2 pounds since Friday (most likely water weight based on how my feet looked). The OB on call comes in and checks me out - no amniotic fluid and I had only dilated another .5 cm. Based on this, I thought I had would be one that would slowly dilate and it would be another week before baby #3 arrived. I was wrong.

Jon took me back to work. I was feeling mostly alright - just feeling that pressure. I stayed at work until 4:30 and went home with the vanpool. I wasn't feeling any noticeable contractions at this point. I waited until Jon got to the park 'n ride and we went to go pick up the twins from daycare. It is now about 5:20 or so and still nothing. I just needed to pee really badly, so we stopped by home first before getting the kids.

After we got home, we waited until a couple friends of ours got to our place to help me watch the twins before Jon went off to pick up his mom in Tacoma. She was coming to help us with the twins for whenever #3 decided to arrive. Good timing!

I started feeling a little icky (nauseous) when eating dinner that night. I had ordered a pizza for us and our friends and I don't think my body really liked that. But in any case, I was feeling pressure but I hadn't begun to feel any pain. But then it was like a switch went off and all of a sudden, I was having pain. I thought maybe, as is common for pregnant women, I was in a bit of pain because I was constipated (though I took medicine to help with that). But...the pain was coming in waves I had noticed - at first, maybe 10 minutes apart (I say maybe as I hadn't yet started timing them). This was about 7 or so. I started to time them a little after 8 and at that time, I think they were about 8 minutes apart. I knew then they were definitely contractions. They hurt but I could still talk through them mostly.

I decided to go take a shower in hopes that would relieve the pain I was in, and it did for a bit. But then I got out of the shower and the pain was becoming more intense and I noticed closer together. I tried to leave the bathroom numerous times to go lie down but it wasn't happening - the pain would just cripple me and I went to sit down until it passed. When Jon got there, he helped me to the bedroom to lie down, but that wasn't helping. I told Jon to call the OB. When the OB called back, I told her I wasn't sure if I was just having pain b/c of contractions or b/c of constipation (after all, I had a false alarm with the same OB earlier in the day so; for some reason, I was feeling nervous about looking silly again with her), but the pain was coming every 3-4 minutes at this point. She asked me if I wanted to wait until they became more intense or come in and get checked out to see if I was in labor - I said now (I wanted that epidural as quickly as possible if this was truly labor). Thank goodness we did because things were progressing fast.

When we got there, they eventually got me into a bed in triage and hooked me onto the monitor and checked how dilated I was. This was maybe 10:00-10:30? I thought for sure, the nurse was going to say 1.5 cm as it was earlier. Nope. I was at 3-4 cm. That is when I thought - I am truly in labor and I'm going to have this baby tonight.

After a while, we got the word that I was going to be admitted. This after being in the bed feeling the most intense pain I have ever felt in my life. They transferred me to the Labor & Delivery room where I was again hooked up onto monitors. This was maybe around midnight-maybe a little before? Not sure as the contractions made me feel out of it. I was sweating and just not with it. At some point being in there, I was checked again and in that space of time, went from 3-4 cm to 7 cm. OMG! This was going fast, but I had a thought that I'd probably get stuck at 7 and they'd have to do a c-section anyway. They also gave me an IV around this time and after 4 pokes and 3 different nurses, they finally got one in. My stupid small veins!

After suffering through many contractions, the nurse asked if I wanted a drug to help with the intensity before the epidural could be done. I nodded my head yes after she explained what that drug was. Speaking of, they asked some questions about our previous pregnancy and the c-section while I was going through the contractions - did they really think I could answer them? I could barely get through the contractions still breathing, let alone trying to have a conversation. Maybe they were asking Jon.

(oh, it turns out after reading the best ways to get through contractions, that I get through them best by moaning through them and saying "Oh my God, Oh my God"- that's about all I could say or "I can't do this." I told Jon later when I could talk again not that we're planning to have any more, but I don't want to do this ever again.)

Eventually, the anesthesiologist came and after several pokes of that, got it in. That's also fun trying to curl up while sitting up while going through some painful contractions. It's not easy. It was as if I was a brand new person once the epidural started working. I could talk and have a conversation. I could call my parents to let them know what was going on. I could text friends and family to let them know what was going on. Getting through the contractions were a piece of cake once the epidural started working. The epidural was doing its job around 2 a.m.

They told us to try to get some rest. This is when they do labor down or something like that for a couple hours before they check on my progress and pushing may begin. I tried to get some rest, but I was too anxious about the pushing part. Was I going to be able to do it? Was the baby going to be able to come out? Would I have to do a c-section anyway?

Well, around 3:45, I was going to start to find out. It was time to start pushing. I was at 10 cm. When they said it was time to push, I hoped that I was able to do it. After the first couple contractions came and I was pushing, I felt I was making no progress. The nurse had told me that for first time vaginal deliveries, it could be 2-3 hours of pushing so I wasn't getting too discouraged but I was a little. Oh, and there was no pain with pushing at all. Epidurals rock! The only discomfort I felt was some pressure and trying to hold my breath and push at the same time. After a little while, the baby's head was out a little and they asked me if I wanted to feel the head. I was hesitant at first, but I did feel and I just about started balling at that point feeling that head coming out of me. I was going to have another baby! I was going to be successful with VBAC. I would soon find out if it was a boy or a girl!

After a few more pushes, our little baby was out. I asked "what is it?" and although the nurse knew we didn't know, it seemed she laughed at my question. Jon looked down (as we told the nurse and OB that Jon was going to share the news with me) and announced "we have a son" in a voice that sounded as if he was crying.

I only pushed for 1/2 an hour before Nicholas was born. The nurse and OB kept calling me a rock star after the IV poking, the epidural taking more time than usual, then 30 minutes of pushing. The nurse in the postpartum unit said that they were impressed that I had a successful VBAC after having twins. They did have to give me some stitches as I had a 2nd degree tear (and let me tell you, it hurts to go to the bathroom as it stings. I'm hoping that will end soon. Because of that, I don't know which is worse in pain levels -a c-section or the vaginal delivery).

Nicholas is a healthy boy. He latched onto the breast right away. He really doesn't like his baths or getting his diaper changed - he really likes to be kept warm and snuggle (but a lot of babies are like that). The first full night was rough, but the 2nd night was better.

There are pics on my friend's flickr site if you would like to see. I will upload mine soon, I promise!

Benjamin is a little nervous around the new baby, but he has come up to pet his head and he gave him a hug. Ella immediately thought the new baby was a cool doll. She has shown some signs of jealousy though when she wants mommy to hold her and I can't because I'm feeding the baby. To help a little bit with that, I took her to Target with me to get some stuff while Jon hung out with Benjamin. My mother-in-law stayed with Nicholas.

I think that about covers it. Thank you to Kelly for coming to visit and taking some wonderful pictures. Thank you to Paul & Ally for making us dinner tonight and coming to visit yesterday! Thank you to Paul & Ally for being here the other night (the night it turns out I was in labor) and helping me out with the twins! Thank you to my mother-in-law for being her to watch the twins while we were at the hospital! Thank you to everyone who has given me support throughout this pregnancy. I truly appreciate it!

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Pregnancy & Twin Update

First, twin update. The twins have a nasty cold right now - poor little guys with that cough. It keeps waking them up in the night, so they're not getting a good night's sleep. Luckily, this last night, they were able to sleep the whole night. The night before, Benjamin felt better if he was propped up, so he slept with us and woke up at 5:30 and was ready to get up. Ella woke up around 6:30, which is actually kinda early for them. I think they are starting to get better now, but today they are at home with my mother-in-law.

While I'm thinking about it - a new word that Benjamin says is "up". I know there are others. Ella the other night said something like "dada, et tu aaaaaaahhhhh" The 'aaaaah' sound they make when they are playing the crawling game. I told Jon that I think she's asking if you want to play the crawling game and guess what? She got down off the couch (after reading the book she had in her hands), walked over to him and got down on her hands and knees to play the crawling game. It was so cute and I was so proud of myself for understanding what she was saying - I'm trying to understand them. They are starting to say more words that make sense to me, but a lot of the time, it is a sentence that I just don't understand yet and yes, they get frustrated.

Now, pregnancy update. FYI - this will be TMI to some people.

Friday afternoon, I went to go the restroom before leaving work and noticed some bright red blood and later, noticed some brownish cervical mucus. I called up the OB's office and they said it could be my mucous plug or the bright red blood could be because I had an exam earlier in the day. I was to call if I had contractions or my water broke. Luckily, the contractions over the weekend were tightening and not painful and didn't come very often.

I did have a lot of movement from the baby that hurt because he or she was doing some breakdancing moves on my cervix. OUCH! Then this morning, I was having some painful contractions, but they seemed to have gone away. I'm thinking the annoyance I was having with my work computer may have triggered them. I had maybe 3 in one hour that hurt, then they stopped. Now, I'm back to tightening contractions that take my breath away.

It was so much easier in the hospital when they were tracking me all the time that I'm nervous I won't know what to do when they start happening at work or at home. I almost feel like I don't know when I should call the OB - even though I know when I should call. What if I end up calling too soon and I go to the hospital and they send me home? I know this is silly but I almost feel like I'd be bothering them.

Anyway, I hope to make it at least one more day so I can have my review at work and get a few more things done, but we'll see if I get any more contractions!

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Friday, February 20, 2009

Ben & Ella Stories

Just wanted to write down that last night, I got running hugs from my children when I came home. :-D Jon's mom is at our house watching the kids and helping me out while Jon is busy at work.

Then later on, they decided it would be fun to chase each other around one high chair then go give each of us a hug then go back to the high chair chase. It was adorable. I love getting hugs from them.

This morning, because I had my OB appointment,I got to see them awake before I left. We went into their room and they were sitting up in their beds chatting with each other and giggling. I'm looking forward to being at home more so I can see them more. They will still go to daycare while I'm out on leave to keep up with their routine, but maybe not 5 days a week - we'll see how it goes though.

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38 Week OB Appointment

Today, I went to the appointment on my own since Jon has a big work thing that started yesterday.

I show up there and they weigh me (all I can say is, yes, I know I'm pregnant, but it is still hard to see the number on that scale - it looks like I've gained about 30 pounds now). Then after that, is the usual checking of the blood pressure. It's a little high. I told the nurse that my feet and hands seemed to have gotten worse with swelling since last week so she says that the OB will probably test me for preeclampsia.

Then the OB comes in after a while and does the exam. I am a little more effaced and now 1 cm dilated. Slowly, but surely, getting there. That exam hurt a lot - I can only imagine how labor will be. She tells me that if I am showing signs of preeclampsia, I'll need to stop working today. Either way, I will need to take it easy this weekend and next week until I see them again. She tells me to lie down for a bit and the nurse will come back in to check my blood pressure again.

After a little while, she does and it is still a little high so they test my blood. I got the results about 3 hours later and they came back normal, thank goodness! I wasn't ready quite yet to stop working - there are a few things I need to finish up as best I can. I tried to get a lot done today just in case.

Anyway, so I'll see the OB again next Friday assuming nothing happens before then. Next Friday is my last day at work. Just 5 more days.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

37 week OB appointment

Now that I'm a day away from my 38 week OB appointment, I thought it was time I wrote about my 37 week OB appointment. Last Friday, I went to go see my OB. She said that I'm 75% effaced, and probably about to start dilating. After some movement I felt last night from this baby, I'm guessing there is a little bit of dilation or at least, more effacement.

I asked my OB how long after my due date would she let me go before inducing or performing a c-section. She said that she would be o.k. with doing it on the due date or waiting a week afterwards - it was up to me as to how much more time I want to feel uncomfortable and how important it was to me to let labor happen on its own. I opted for waiting until March 11th (a week after the due date) in hopes labor will happen on its own.

She said that she thinks labor will happen around the 39th week or so. Because of that, next Friday will be my last day at work.

In other news, my feet have been become more swollen than they have been and it hurts to wear my wedding ring. I've had some contractions here and there, though none really hurting too much except for a time last week when I had plenty that were hurting - just not enough to call the doctor about.

Last night, while trying to get to sleep, this baby was doing a little dance on my cervix and that kinda hurts! Sometimes it feels as if the baby is right there at the opening wanting to come on out. As I write this, the baby is moving around.

That's about it for now. Jon is working a lot the next few days, so Jon's mom is staying with us to help watch the twins. That is a huge help.

More tomorrow after my appointment, hopefully, or whenever I get around to writing about the next appointment!


20 months

Last week, on the 12th, Benjamin & Ella turned 20 months. A new thing for them is to put one of their fingers up by their mouths and go "shh". I wonder if they picked that up from daycare. It's really cute.

Over the past week, they have been very busy. We went to a 3 year old's birthday party on Saturday at a bouncy place. Ben & Ella were unsure about it at first, but eventually warmed up to it. I'll try to post pictures later on flickr. They, of course, got warmed up to it right around the time it was time to go for cake and presents. Oh, and one should not go on these things while pregnant. I learned my lesson.

On Sunday, we visited a friend of mine from my support group and her family. She has a son that is 3 months older than Ben & Ella. Benjamin was being super cute in the way he can be so super cautious about things. It took him a while to want to go into the 23month old's bedroom to start playing. He wasn't too sure about that place. Ella, though a little cautious, got in and started playing. Our friend's son was a little unwilling to share his toys at first, but he did. They were cute to see playing with each other. My friend also gave us some neutral clothing for the baby. I really appreciate that!

On Monday, they came to visit me at work. They were EXTREMELY shy - more so than normal. I wonder if it was because they were bombarded with a lot of new things over the weekend and this was just too much. The last time they were at my work, they were a lot more independent. Ella especially was clingy to me - not her papa so much.

Anyway, I'm trying to think of new words that they say and I know there are some, but I can't remember them. I need to write more. I know I keep saying that. My husband writes more than I do on his blog...


Friday, February 06, 2009

"Where's Ella?"

I haven't written much about Ben & Ella in their toddler beds. They seem to be better about staying in their beds at night than they are taking naps during the day. However, they still get out of their beds to play at night too. We have to go in there several times to get them to go to bed and stay there. And they know they aren't supposed to get out of bed - they have that look in their eyes when we are about to leave the bedroom.

Benjamin has fallen out of the bed twice now and Ella once. Thankfully, it isn't too far of a fall, but I'm sure it still hurts.

A cute story - the other night, after watching Lost, Jon and I go into their room to check on them and Jon walks in and says "Where's Ella?" My first thought is, "what do you mean, where's Ella? She can't have gotten far" then I look over to Benjamin's bed and OMG! She's asleep right next to her brother on his bed. It was so cute. We did get a picture and someday I'll upload it. Jon moved Ella over to her bed and at first, fussed because we woke her up, but she quickly went to sleep.

Oh, and another cute story - Benjamin will sing/say "A B C". :-D So cute.

I'm sure there is more I want to say, but I can't think of it. I really do need to make it a point to write more often.


Pregnancy News

First, I just read some wonderful news from a blogger who lost her triplet daughters after being born too early - she's now pregnant with one child and due in August/September. Such a bittersweet moment.

Now, onto my news. I had my 36 week checkup. I'll be seeing the OB every Friday morning from now on (well, except for the week of the due date). First, we went over the VBAC consent form and all the risks associated with that. There is less than a 1% chance of a uterine rupture and of that, something going horribly wrong. However, there are also risks of another c-section too.

She said that since I've had a c-section before that if my cervix is closed when the due date rolls around, she won't induce. She would do another c-section. If my cervix is open, then she will give a low dose of pitocin to see if that helped get things started. Hopefully, things will happen on their own though. I do hope to avoid another c-section because of the recovery time afterwards and the desire to be able to pick up my twins when I want to or they want me to pick them up. And well, because I'd like to give birth the way it feels like it should happen. I will be disappointed if I have to do another c-section, but it won't be the end of the world - as long as I have a healthy baby as the outcome. Because of the prior c-section, she said that if I do go into labor, she wants to me to come in a little earlier than I would have otherwise.

After going through the VBAC consent form, she checked my cervix and it is starting to soften though it is still closed. She said I'm maybe about 50% effaced. She expects that I'll go to my due date, but definitely at least another couple weeks. She also did a test to make sure there is no infection.

That was about it. More next week!