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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

37 week OB appointment

Now that I'm a day away from my 38 week OB appointment, I thought it was time I wrote about my 37 week OB appointment. Last Friday, I went to go see my OB. She said that I'm 75% effaced, and probably about to start dilating. After some movement I felt last night from this baby, I'm guessing there is a little bit of dilation or at least, more effacement.

I asked my OB how long after my due date would she let me go before inducing or performing a c-section. She said that she would be o.k. with doing it on the due date or waiting a week afterwards - it was up to me as to how much more time I want to feel uncomfortable and how important it was to me to let labor happen on its own. I opted for waiting until March 11th (a week after the due date) in hopes labor will happen on its own.

She said that she thinks labor will happen around the 39th week or so. Because of that, next Friday will be my last day at work.

In other news, my feet have been become more swollen than they have been and it hurts to wear my wedding ring. I've had some contractions here and there, though none really hurting too much except for a time last week when I had plenty that were hurting - just not enough to call the doctor about.

Last night, while trying to get to sleep, this baby was doing a little dance on my cervix and that kinda hurts! Sometimes it feels as if the baby is right there at the opening wanting to come on out. As I write this, the baby is moving around.

That's about it for now. Jon is working a lot the next few days, so Jon's mom is staying with us to help watch the twins. That is a huge help.

More tomorrow after my appointment, hopefully, or whenever I get around to writing about the next appointment!



  • At 2:16 PM , Blogger Alex said...

    You're getting so close now!! How exciting :) I started following your blog back when you were pregnant with your twins and I am happy to read that this one seems a lot less stressful. I attempted VBAC with my 2nd and it didn't work. They would have let me labour longer if I hadn't been a VBAC but after 17.5 hours with the 2nd pregnancy as well...they didn't want to take the chance. My recovery from the 2nd went as well as the first(which was good) and so when we had our 3rd pregnancy I simply scheduled the date for the c-section. Of course he chose to come 2 days earlier so I didn't get to entirely "skip" labour but the 14 hours less labour made the recovery from my 3rd c-section even better!!

    Here's hoping that the appointment went smoothly and all is well with you and baby :)


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