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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

4th of July

This past weekend was rather busy. We took all 3 kids to get a haircut (I need one myself too but haven't made that appointment yet). Then we took the kids on the bus (the 41 bus - very important detail to Ben & Ella) to downtown (Ella still says "down the town"). We just wondered around for a while, then headed back home for naptime. On Sunday, after church, we took the kids to Tacoma to visit my in-laws. We went to a farmer's market and got some fruit and a balloon animal( that Benjamin promptly popped once we got back to their grandparents house - thankfully, Nicholas forgot about his as his popped as we were trying to load things up). We also went out to lunch at a buffet where I learned that Ella & Nicholas will eat beets (though I don't) and Benjamin will eat chicken drumsticks (again, I don't eat - don't like dark meat). We went back to their house for the kids to open their presents from him - bubble guns and a big bottle of bubbles. They enjoyed that.

For the 4th, we went to a birthday party of a 2 year old from their daycare/preschool and came back home for a low key 4th. We watched some fireworks on tv and when it was over, Ella says she wanted to watch the fireworks. I told here that is what we've been doing. I don't know if they quite get excited about fireworks yet. At first, they thought I was talking about firetrucks.

This weekend, we visit my family for a family reunion on my dad's side. It shall be interesting and fun, I hope!

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Quick Story

The other night Nicholas told me he wanted to sit on the potty. I took him. He sat on the potty for a full 5 seconds before he got up, stared into the potty, and saw that there was nothing there. He sat down again - this time lasting about 10 seconds. He gets up and I say - nope, there's none there. He then looks up to me and says "we need to go to store to get more." Ha! Silly boy!

He did tell me the other night he had to go potty and I sat him on there and he went pee! I was all excited, but he hasn't done it again and refuses to go on there each time I see him going poo. I offer, he declines. I don't push it as I don't want another Ella potty training time. Ugh - that was exhausting. I would love it if Nicholas trained himself. I already feel behind the curve when I hear that others have their 2 year olds trained already. Really? Am I just that bad at training or do other parents have more time to devote to it than I do?

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