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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Little stories

Well, it's been a while again. I can't seem to get myself motivated to blog ever.

Here are some stories:

Nicholas got a string and told one of our kitties to come with him. Jon told Nicholas to walk away and the cat would try to get the string, so he did. And when the kitty got the string, Nicholas scolded him and said "Oviler, be nice!" (His name is Oliver but he pronounces it Oliver - something Ella used to do too).

Speaking of Ella and kitties, she LOVES animals. She wants to pick up the kitties so bad and pet them all the time. We told her she has to wait until she is 6 to pick up the kitties. She just wants to be like her idol, Olivia (the pig) and pick up the kitty. The other night,we watched an Olivia episode in which Olivia plays a "magic" trick on her brother and pretends to disappear. So when the episode was over, Ella announces that she was going to put on a magic show and buh-peer (IOW, disappear). Benjamin said it the same way. At one point, she announced that she and Benjamin needed to go their room so that we couldn't see them and buh-peer. Funny!

We started the kids on swimming lessons again and once again, Benjamin refused to get into the pool. We are thinking it is because the teacher is a girl and not Jonathan this time. No bribery was working on him. UGH! Nicholas, on the other hand, was in the pool with me and was doing great with swimming. I would hold him by the belly and he would go doggy paddling after the toy he just threw in the water. He was laughing the whole time and he even crawled over the float bridge thingy they made! Progress! Ella is doing well with swimming as well! I wish Benjamin would just get in the pool.

This past weekend was my 20th high school reunion and I didn't go. I really wish I would have. Had I scheduled things a little differently, I probably could have gone. Oh well. I hope I can get together with some people when I go over to Spokane sometime. We are going over there in September for a family reunion, so probably not then, but perhaps the next time. I hope!

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