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Friday, February 20, 2009

Ben & Ella Stories

Just wanted to write down that last night, I got running hugs from my children when I came home. :-D Jon's mom is at our house watching the kids and helping me out while Jon is busy at work.

Then later on, they decided it would be fun to chase each other around one high chair then go give each of us a hug then go back to the high chair chase. It was adorable. I love getting hugs from them.

This morning, because I had my OB appointment,I got to see them awake before I left. We went into their room and they were sitting up in their beds chatting with each other and giggling. I'm looking forward to being at home more so I can see them more. They will still go to daycare while I'm out on leave to keep up with their routine, but maybe not 5 days a week - we'll see how it goes though.

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