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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

20 months

Last week, on the 12th, Benjamin & Ella turned 20 months. A new thing for them is to put one of their fingers up by their mouths and go "shh". I wonder if they picked that up from daycare. It's really cute.

Over the past week, they have been very busy. We went to a 3 year old's birthday party on Saturday at a bouncy place. Ben & Ella were unsure about it at first, but eventually warmed up to it. I'll try to post pictures later on flickr. They, of course, got warmed up to it right around the time it was time to go for cake and presents. Oh, and one should not go on these things while pregnant. I learned my lesson.

On Sunday, we visited a friend of mine from my support group and her family. She has a son that is 3 months older than Ben & Ella. Benjamin was being super cute in the way he can be so super cautious about things. It took him a while to want to go into the 23month old's bedroom to start playing. He wasn't too sure about that place. Ella, though a little cautious, got in and started playing. Our friend's son was a little unwilling to share his toys at first, but he did. They were cute to see playing with each other. My friend also gave us some neutral clothing for the baby. I really appreciate that!

On Monday, they came to visit me at work. They were EXTREMELY shy - more so than normal. I wonder if it was because they were bombarded with a lot of new things over the weekend and this was just too much. The last time they were at my work, they were a lot more independent. Ella especially was clingy to me - not her papa so much.

Anyway, I'm trying to think of new words that they say and I know there are some, but I can't remember them. I need to write more. I know I keep saying that. My husband writes more than I do on his blog...



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