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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ben & Ella turn 4!

Benjamin and Ella turned 4 on Sunday. We went to church as normal, then came home to have a BBQ and strawberry shortcake with a couple friends, their son and another friend's 2 kids. We usually have lunch with these friends after church. It was a nice day for sitting outside, eating a BBQ and letting the kids play. We let Ben & Ella open their presents that we got for them. They wanted to play with them right away. Nicholas wanted to play with them when I purchased them and was sad that he didn't have a present to open. He doesn't quite get it that it is their birthday and not his too. Poor guy - this is another glimpse of what it will be like for him being the singleton in the family. Eventually, he'll understand though.

I took a few pics of the day but, as usual, I haven't uploaded them (I still haven't uploaded Christmas!!!!).

This Saturday, we are having their party at the same park we had the party at last year. This year, though, we have two pinatas. One is a Dora pinata and the other is a Thomas the train pinata (at least, I think that is what I ordered). They are quite excited by this.

I guess I'll post more after the party this weekend unless something else comes up. I really hope the weather gets better!!! Right now, Saturday is supposed to be rainy and gross!! At least, the party is in a covered area. Ugh this Seattle weather!!

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