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Friday, May 11, 2007

In the Hospital

Hi everyone - this is Heather here in the hospital. I got a laptop so I can access the internet while I'm here - but for some reason, I've trouble accessing bloglines so I can see what others have written so it may be a while before I'll read and comment on blogs.

My husband updated you on things that happened on Wednesday that we had an u/s on Wednesday which showed the babies were doing well, but my cervix had shortened even more to 7 mm (from 2 cm). The doctor there sent me over to my OB's office and she immediately sent me to the hospital. They hooked me up to monitors and found I was contracting (I had felt some here and there before, but I had no idea it was happening that frequently). So I got medication for that and steroids to help their lungs mature (that shot stings much like the IM shots we had to do for IVF). I got another steroid shot last night and I'm going to be getting the contraction medication 3 x a day. I've also been given medication for a possible infection (UTI) and acid reflux. They also gave me some Benadryl to help me sleep and some medication to help with the lovely constipation issue. So many medications!!! Oh, and Wednesday, they hooked me up to an IV to get some extra fluids into me as they felt I was a bit dehydrated.

The contraction medication has helped slow down the contractions, but I'm still having some here and there. Some I feel - others I don't.

The first night here was rough for me - I couldn't sleep at all b/c of anxiety of the whole situation and acid reflux. Last night was a lot better b/c of the Benadryl. I did wake up at 4:30 b/c I was feeling contractions and the nurse immediately put the monitors on and gave me some medication which helped.

I just got back from an ultrasound and things are stable - the cervix is still at 7 mm and the amniotic fluid is still good, so it looks like this bedrest is helping.
One thing that I don't like about being here is that I miss my kitties a lot - I wish I had known when I left to go my u/s appointment on Wed that I wasn't coming back home.

Well, I think that's all for now. Thank you to everyone for your kind words - I really appreciate it. Also, thank you to Ally, Paul, my mom-in-law and brother-in-law who visited with me yesterday! I really appreciated it! I look forward to those who might be coming today (but obviously if something comes up, I would understand. Plus, I'll be here for a while yet (I hope).

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  • At 1:37 PM , Blogger Carol said...

    Oh Heather! So sorry you have landed in the hospital! But sounds like it's the best place for you. and even though I'm sure it would suck to be in the hospital that long - I will be rooting that this is just what you need to keep those babes in there for several more weeks!

  • At 2:13 PM , Blogger KeDaCoMo said...

    I am visiting you in spirit!! I would love to be over there with you right now, but the kids don't start summer break til mid-june. So we will have to see you (and the twins) then.

  • At 12:58 PM , Blogger Hopeful Mother said...

    Praying that those babies can keep "cooking" a little while longer... and that you won't go crazy in the meantime!


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