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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

30 weeks 1 day

Just waking up from a much needed nap. My dad and my brother went off downtown to do some stuff - it would have been nice to go with them (especially since the weather is so nice in Seattle), but I need to be taking it easy and my feet were already looking rather swollen. I hope they get back here for dinner so we can go out before my dad leaves and Jon and I go to our 5th childbirth class - tonight we're talking about c-sections which will probably be what we have. I did sign up for a separate c-section class today as it seems we're heading that way - that class they seem to only want to offer in the middle on the day or early afternoon - which, I guess, is o.k. now since I won't be working when this class is scheduled to take place (on the 24th).

To answer Kirsten's question, I have the FFN test every 2 weeks. I'm also having ultrasounds every 2 weeks too. It does seem like a lot, but I appreciate it - especially after the last FFN test result. Our next ultrasound is tomorrow afternoon with the OB appointment the next morning.

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  • At 7:12 PM , Blogger ak1908 said...

    Good job following doctor's orders. Keep those little ones inside for a little while longer. I hope the swelling subsides enough for more comfort:)

  • At 9:01 AM , Blogger Kirsten said...

    Thanks for the info; I was starting to get concerned that every 2 weeks was too much but I guess it's just a twin thing!

  • At 6:10 PM , Blogger TeamWinks said...

    Thanks for the update!


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