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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

OB Visit (29 weeks 2 days)

Thankfully, the OB said that everything is looking the same as it did last week with my cervix so I assume the FFN will come back with good results again. We'll see though when the results come back.

She did tell me that she will definitely ask that I stop working by 32 weeks, however. Before then, it is up to me. I can continue working (assuming the FFN comes back negative), but she did say that I should look into working less hours or stop working altogether. Right now, I'm going to continue working until the end of week 31 - my boss is going to be a bit surprised about that, I think. I would love to stop working now, but financially, that just doesn't feel like an option. And working less hours, I already feel like I'm missing hours just by going into work late or leaving early for doctor appointments, ultrasound appointments, physical therapy appointments, and now appointments with the diabetes center (though next week may be the last appointment with the diabetes center if my numbers continue to come back normal). We'll see though - I could change my mind as I do feel quite tired and you should see my feet (so very swollen - the OB said to me that I must feel quite miserable with how swollen they are).

Anyway, I'll see what the FFN says - the results should come back tomorrow. My OB also wants me to make an appointment with the ultrasound place for next week and have ultrasounds every 2 weeks from now on, so I need to reschedule the appointment I had for 2 weeks from today.

In other news...after the appointment, we went over to the hospital so I could say hi to my friends and both of them told me that they will have their babies soon! At the very latest for either of them, Tuesday will be the delivery date (though it could happen sooner)! I'm so excited to meet their babies - I hope and pray that their deliveries go smoothly and that their babies are very healthy.

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  • At 8:46 AM , Blogger KeDaCoMo said...

    That is good that everything is looking the same. I will miss you when you are not at work. who will I talk to during the day? Guess it will give me more time to work on that blanket?


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