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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day (30 weeks 6 days)

(This post written out throughout the whole day)

Right now as I'm writing this, I'm hanging out in my room looking at a magazine that my husband brought me and looking at stuff on the internet (though I still can't access bloglines or for some reason read blogspot blogs but I can post still - I have all this time now to read many blogs and I can't access them)! My husband is coming here a little bit later after spending some with our kitties - I miss them so much!!! And Jon told me that Sophie heard the front door open and close while she was eating her breakfast yesterday morning and she trotted into the livingroom to see what was going on - I'm going to choose to believe she was hoping it was me coming in the door. Jon was in the kitchen so she knew it wasn't him (it was my brother leaving the house).

I just had a visit from one of the OB's at my OB's clinic - before I leave here, I will have met each and every one of the OB's in that office probably. My OB called me yesterday to see how things were going - that was really nice. She told me I'd see her on Tuesday which I guess when I have my next ultrasound.

Awww - the nurse just took out my IV port. So nice as it was becoming itchy. Also, they took me off the antibiotics as it turns out I don't have an infection. One less pill to take.

I just had a couple friends come visit which was really nice. I love having visitors - it's too bad that it's a little cramped in this room though. Thank you both for coming today!!!

My husband is here visiting with me now - we played some games (though there is only so much sitting up that I can handle - it just feels awkward and I don't want our baby girl pressing on my cervix that much or at all really) and now we're watching "Walk the Line". So far, it's a good movie. At 8 though, I want to watch the finale of Survivor.

For Mother's Day this year, my husband got me a card and a monkey (there's a story behind that - I'll have to explain later - maybe tomorrow) and the card is "redeemable" for a glider.

Well, that's all for now.

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