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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Frustrated & More Good News (31 weeks 2 days)

I am so frustrated by the company that will be paying my salary while I am out on maternity leave. I am being told that despite having 13 weeks of paid time off for maternity leave that I will only get 6 week of paid time off after I deliver. This doesn't make any sense to me. My employer gives me 13 weeks, so I should get 13 weeks. Are they seriously telling me that despite only being off work for 1 week that if I delivered tomorrow, I won't get 12 more weeks, but I'll only get 1/2 that? I e-mailed my employer to verify and yes, I do get 13 weeks paid time off now if only the company that's actually giving me my salary would understand that. I just got really emotional this morning about this b/c I want to spend my maternity time with my babies when they come and not sitting at the hospital watching tv or blogging or whatever before they come. I also got emotional because things I thought I had dealt with are still there - like getting pregnant through IVF rather than naturally - having to go to the hospital for several weeks, etc. I'm feeling better now - the last thing I need is stress after things were getting better.

And I do have some more good news - I only have to be monitored 2 times a day and now I only have to have my blood sugar tested two days a week! So I have today off - yay!

Oh, and thank you to Nickie for coming to visit the other day and for bringing some DVDs and magazines!!

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  • At 5:15 PM , Blogger ak1908 said...

    Darn companies!!! It sounds like you got it all worked out in the end. Of course you want to spend your maternity leave with your little ones. How dare they?!?!? Great news on the blood testing! It seems like you really took your sugar levels seriously and it sounds like it paid off!!!! J and I are hoping for twins from this last IUI!!!


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