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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Swim Class & More

This past weekend we started Ben & Ella on swim lessons. I'm going to start something with Nicholas next session hopefully (hopefully, the first class isn't on his birthday party day!) Anyway, both kids were very hesitant about this whole getting in the pool thing. Thankfully, they were not the only ones so I didn't feel all too bad. Ella did go in after a while and even floated across to the platform on the other side with the help of the teacher. Unfortunately, she let go of the pole on the platform and went under the water. After that, she was rather nervous about the whole thing so she only spent a little more time in the pool.

Benjamin took more time to be o.k. with the pool. I tried putting him in there but he was lifting his legs up and had he just put his legs down, he would feel the bottom. Eventually, he went in and realized that there was a bottom and he wouldn't go all the way in. However, he didn't last long in the pool. I blame myself for not introducing them to the pool sooner (which is why I want to get Nicholas in there as soon as possible though with him it will be with the parent tot class as you have to be 3 to be in the class Ben & Ella are in.

We are going to try to make it to the Friday night family swim night so the kids can go swimming then with our assistance. I hope this will make them o.k. with the saturday swim class that goes on for another 5 weeks.

Speaking of the twins, one night Benjamin got hurt (he had bit his finger when eating a sandwich) and he did this thing he always does that I hate in which it seems he is not breathing and to top that off, he had food in his mouth so I got a bit nervous he would choke. Ella started to freak out then because of that and I thought it was sweet she was so concerned that something was really going on - but it wasn't. All was cool once I got Benjamin to actually breathe again to tell me what happened.

As for Nicholas - he is saying more and more sentances. He has been saying thank you for a while, but last night actually said you're welcome to me - though I think it was more you elcom. He also says "soos me" for excuse me and it was so cute because last night, he was riding on a little scooter car thing and he said "soos me mommy. Soos me!" Such a polite little boy.

Also - potty training. I THOUGHT we had made some progress when all 3 went poo on the potty over the weekend, but nope. It feels neverending.

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