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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year for Thanksgiving, we once again spent time at home since I have to work tomorrow and can't go over to Spokane (though with the pass the way it is, I doubt we would have gone anyway). However, we did have some company this year. We invited over our friend Michelle since her sister now lives in NC and thus, not able to join her family for the holiday. Thanks for coming Michelle!!! Thanks for the food, especially the sausage, fruit salad and of course, the brownies.

I am grateful for a lot of things - my family, friends, and kitties. I am grateful to have a job even if I gripe about it sometimes (or a lot). I am grateful to have a house though it seems too small for all of us. I am grateful to be relatively healthy. And much more. I do wish this year would have sucked less and cancer wasn't so prevalent in my life this year, but I know that these can't be helped.

And onto a cute story:
One thing that I've learned that make Ben & Ella laugh is putting together this foam floor puzzle together all wrong. It is just hilarious to see wrong pieces next to each other. And I mean this really cracks them up.

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  • At 10:11 PM , Anonymous :-jon said...

    also...if they see a video of themselves laughing...the SUPER crack up laughing!


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