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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Update on mom & Kids

First, my mom did not start radiation the other day. She will start that after the holidays. She gets her mold done next Monday though (I have no idea what that means - perhaps I need to read through my old posts to see if I wrote about it before when she had breast cancer). She did get her shots and the IV though. She did not like the shots and commented that she could see why I hated the shots for IVF (hers were in her butt).

And onto the kids. Lately, Ben & Ella have been saying "Chris! Mas! Lights!" everytime we see some lights on a house. One day Benjamin said he was getting bigger and wouldn't say that anymore, but he does.

I haven't mentioned before but Ben & Ella can both write their names. Ben can write his full name of Benjamin. :-D They also know how to spell stop - and apparently, Nicholas can too as he joined in last night when we were spelling it. Maybe he just knows that P comes after O as we sing the alphabet a lot.

Last night, we went to surprise a friend on his 40th birthday by singing happy birthday to the tune of "we wish you a merry christmas" - my kids were quite cranky when it was time to go to bed and were screaming at the top of their lungs. I attempted many different songs, but the one that calmed them down was this happy birthday song. :-D Just one time through and they were calm and on their way to sleeping. :-D

Nicholas was picking something up the other day and said it was heavy. We asked him if he was strong and he said "I strong!". It was rather cute. He continues to tell us these things. He also is saying 'mon' for "c'mon".

Ella these days wants to dress like me. If I am wearing tennis shoes, she wants to wear tennis shoes. If I am wearing black shoes, she wants to wear black shoes. This is a problem since her black shoes no longer fit her. During the week, she doesn't see me so this usually isn't a problem, but on the weekend, it can be. At night, if I am wearing a long sleeve shirt, she wants to as well. It is quite sweet and I should enjoy it while it lasts (thought at times, it can be frustrating - like with the black shoes).

In other news, why do they make one season of a show only 6 episodes long. Seriously! I want more Walking Dead episodes and I have to wait until freaking October! Oh well, at least in June or July - next summer - we'll have more True Blood. What to watch until then? Since my DVR is 90% full, I'm sure I will have no lack of things to watch and perhaps I should watch The Blind Side that I have borrowed from the library 3 times now.

I recently started going to a chiropractor. I've had two adjustments now and it has felt good. I think soon I should go for a massage too...

That's all for now.

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