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Monday, January 03, 2011

So Many Things

We celebrated another Christmas. We stayed at home this year and Jon's parents and youngest sister joined us. We actually got a real Christmas tree this year and we haven't done that since before we had our cats (about 6 years ago). Ben & Ella definitely got the whole Christmas and Santa thing this year and will keep saying "we saw Santa at your work mommy!" Each year, Santa comes to my work for pictures which is great since there is pretty much no line. Anyway, they enjoyed it and love opening gifts. Their latest gift was from my older of the two brothers and my parents. One of the items was a little Dora stuffed doll and a Dora blanket - Ella was IN LOVE. Benjamin was sad that he didn't get one too. He got a Buzz Lightyear - they haven't seen that movie yet so maybe once they do, he will be o.k. with Buzz. Nicholas got a Buddy from Toy Story as well. Benjamin LOVED his new fire truck. Ella LOVED her doll set. Nicholas was happy with whatever.

One night when we came home, the moon was only about 3/4 full. Ella says to me "the moon is broken. We need to get a new one." Cracked me up.

Nicholas is really cute - he says the other day "where are dey?" to me. I have no idea what he is looking for so I ask them what he is looking for and he says "I doe no. Where are dey?" So cute!

Benjamin seems to like getting comforted by his sister more so than me. He hurt his hand the other day and would not accept comfort from me, but from his sister. They were playing mommy and baby so maybe that is why...though that isn't the first instance he wanted Ella or he wanted his papa instead of me. :-(

Oh, we also celebrated New Year's by having people over on the Eve of. We had a couple that have two kids (one of which is 3), and a few other friends. Ella lasted the longest and stayed up 'til 12:30. Benjamin made it to 11:30 and Nicholas lasted until about 10:15. They did not sleep in the next day. They slept until about 7! Ugh.
They did sleep until 8 on Sunday though...

Happy New Year everyone - I hope 2011 is better than 2010 (stay tuned for a Year in Review post).

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