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Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow in Seattle

It's the end of the world! Oh wait, it is just snow. Everything has closed down, it seems like, around here since there is snow on the ground. Now, I really don't like driving in the snow myself but sometimes it seems there is a bit of overkill around here. What is really bad is the ice and I'm worried more about tomorrow morning's commute than tonight's. We'll see how it goes.

Speaking of commuting, the annoying, non-stop talking, know-it-all is back in my vanpool. Hooray! I wonder if he knows it is o.k. not to talk all the time and say annoying stuff. This morning, since there was snow on the roads in Seattle (very little of it at the time and probably is still little but I'm actually in Issaquah), he said "this wasn't supposed to be here". Now, you are probably thinking, that is no big deal, but you don't know this person. Maybe you just have to be in a vanpool with him and you would understand.

In other news, I am going to the Harry Potter Exhibit at the Pacific Science Center this Saturday evening. Kelly has decided it is o.k. to go a second time so she is going with me. :-D Now, I just need to figure out a time and someone to go with me to see Harry Potter. Since I know no one reads this besides my husband, I won't even bother to ask on here if anyone can babysit so I can go see it with Jon (though maybe I kinda just did).

Just looked out my window - it has stopped snowing here but it is sticking to the ground. A coworker said she has 2 inches at her house (she lives here in Issaquah). Hope the commute is not too long. Some in my vanpool want to leave at 3 but that would involve me using vacation or sick time that I have so precious little of until February (was going to use 3 days in December for Christmas so I could cut that down if I need to, I guess. And one sick day left that I saved for just this purpose but would rather use it on a day that looks really bad - like a day I can't even get out of my driveway bad - like 2 years ago).

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