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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Unexpected potty training

Tonight, I saw Nicholas acting like he was about to poo so I asked him if wanted to sit on potty. He quickly got up and went to potty - paused when I wasn't getting up as fast as he wanted and said to me "pee!". We went into the bathroom and I sat him down on the potty. After a few minutes, he got up and said "I pee". I thought - uh huh...but he did! He went pee!!! Now if only I could get him to go poo so his older siblings will see that and perhaps not want to be outdone by their younger sibling. I don't know how much we are going to actually actively potty train him, but if he asks me, I'll sit him down on the potty.

Earlier today, we went to a support group friend's house for a jewelry party/get-together. She has a new house now, so this was my first time seeing it. We thought that one friend of ours has a McMansion - they should see this house. Only in my dreams would I ever get to live in a place like that. It's huge and so clean. I don't know how she keeps it so clean with 3 young kids - but perhaps being able to spread one's things out helps. It was great seeing everyone again and this time with our kids! Of course, there was one person missing so it wasn't everyone, unfortunately. And with the three kids, there wasn't much time for socialization.

At one point, Ella told me she needed to pee. Nicholas was getting into something so I told her where the potty was and she couldn't get her pants down in time so she peed her pants. She flipped out and I came running in there and saw that and helped her change into new pants. Then I had to go in search of Nicholas again and it took me a while fearing he decided to go down the stairs or up the stairs again on his own (not quite there yet - though it may be more be that I'm not there yet), but he was playing with a Jack in the Box with a friend of ours.

Well, that was our day. Now back to work tomorrow. There were a few snowflakes today but nothing stuck. It is supposed to get rather cold tonight so I'm not looking forward to tomorrow morning. May the roads be o.k.

At least it is only a four day work week. If my work wasn't so annoying and not letting people take Friday off, I would have taken it off and had a three day work week. UGH!!!!!!! Have I mentioned I really, really hate this rule??? I would think as long as you have enough people to cover your department, people should be able to take time off during this month and most of December, but no.

Alright, time to watch something on the tv.

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