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Monday, January 12, 2009

OB appointment - 32 weeks

Last Friday, I had my 32 week OB appointment. She did the FFN test (which came back negative - thank God!), then she checked my cervix and it long as it should be. I'm at a -3 right now. So far, things are not at all like the twin pregnancy (knock on wood). The baby is up high she said, but she did feel the baby's head though. I said, so the baby's head is down there and she said unless the head is really bony. She then measured my belly and said the top of my belly felt like there was a little butt there. :-D (awww, a little tushy!) I was curious what position the baby was in so I know whether a VBAC is even possible - though the baby's position could always change and probably has since Friday with all that movement I feel. She also said that my belly is measuring big, so I might have a good size baby in there.

She gave me a list of what I could take for heartburn and for constipation (both unfortunate side effects of pregnancy).

I then I had to sit around for a while until the nurse could come back in to take my blood for the glucose test. I'm still waiting for those results - they should come today or by Wednesday at the latest. I'm hoping I pass this time! This time, I, umm, threw up a little bit of the drink toward the end. It is just that disgusting. Way too much sugar in a short period of time.

I go back again on the 23rd and my OB said that she might order an ultrasound because I am measuring big. I can't wait - I want to see this little guy or gal!



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