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Monday, January 12, 2009

19 months!

Today, Ben & Ella turn 19 months. I look back at pictures of them and think of how big they've gotten and much they've learned.

They both love to climb on things and especially like to climb up onto their chair and table set that their grandma and grandpa got them for Christmas. Luckily, they haven't figured out how to use the chairs to climb up onto things they really shouldn't!

They both still love to play the crawling game with their papa - in which they crawl all around the house and make a silly noise while doing so.

They both like to throw a ball all around the house and try to play with the kitties too, but they can't throw that far yet.

Ella LOVES her doll we got her for Christmas and especially likes her doll to be naked. Sometimes she asks for the dress to be put back on though. She tries to get the shoes on the baby and on herself, but gets easily frustrated when she can't do so.

They are both enjoying their megablocks. Benjamin especially likes to build just one straight tower and gets mad when they break apart.

They also like to dance and sing (and some head banging too). They like to rotate their arms in front of them to indicate they want to sing "wheels on the bus" and they put their fingers together for "itsy bitsy spider" and they say "itsy" too.

Oh, and Benjamin said "meow" the other day when playing with a Beanie Baby kitty. :-D

In other news, our crib that we have for Benjamin has been recalled so Jon set up the pack n play. Since Benjamin doesn't really fit into that anymore, we put Ella into there and Benjamin into Ella's bed. At first, we had it the other way around and Ella was not happy that Benjamin got the "cool new bed". Benjamin was cool with sleeping in Ella's bed and Ella was very giggly to be in the pack n play. We are planning to get a toddler bed for Benjamin this weekend and convert Ella's bed into a toddler bed at the same time - otherwise, there will be much crying that Benjamin got the cooler bed again. As soon as we get the voucher to buy a new crib, we'll get that for baby #3.



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