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Friday, January 23, 2009

Week 34 update - Pregnancy

I got the results of the first glucose test that I was 1 point above the line, so I had to go do the 3 hour testing. I did that last Friday and am happy to report that I don't have gestational diabetes this time. Hooray!

I went to my OB appointment this morning and I am measuring right at 34 weeks and because of that, she doesn't feel the need to do an ultrasound (last time, the baby must have been in a different position to make me measure bigger). This baby will not have a lot of in utero pics unfortunately. The baby is still up high and its head is down. His/her back is on my left hand side so that's why I tend to feel more movement on my right hand side.

She didn't do a FFN this time as she doesn't think it is necessary this point in the pregnancy, but since the baby's head is up high, she doesn't feel like it is going to come soon. After she checked my cervix and was listening to the heartbeat, the baby started moving around a lot. One particular kick or punch rather hurt. My OB mentioned that this baby moves around a lot each time we come.

I mentioned that my heartburn continues to my OB and she gave me a prescription for it. I also was told that my iron levels are low, so I'm taking an iron supplement which makes the need for the "poopy powder" as Jon likes to call it more necessary.

Next appointment in 2 weeks on 02/06.

And now to embarrass myself...

The other night, I had a bit of a scare. It's actually funny now and quite embarrassing, but I'm going to share anyway. So I was taking a shower and as I was getting out, I noticed that the water was pink/reddish. I was bleeding. I FREAKED! I thought maybe I lost my mucous plug or something...but I checked and there was no blood coming from down there. I called Jon in for assistance. I couldn't find the source of the blood - maybe I just bled a little so I maybe I should be checked out. After a while, we found out the source of the blood. I had a scratch or owie on my butt that was bleeding. I must have scratched it while in the shower. Ugh - we were so close to calling the OB - that would have been really embarrassing. I'm glad it was just a scare.



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