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Friday, January 02, 2009

Pregnancy Stuff

This morning, I had a painful contraction. Thankfully, the painful ones haven't continued. I did have some cramping earlier too. I read somewhere that feeling period-type cramps around this time is something to watch out for too, but they seem to come and go. I see my OB again in one week so I'll ask about it then.

After I told a coworker that I haven't had a leg cramp in quite some time, the other night, I had a really, really bad one. It was painful, then it would go away and I'd think I was done, but then it would keep coming back. Ouch!!!! Since it seems like labor will be more painful than this, I might be in trouble. Jon and I were reading the childbirth stuff last night, and I am getting nervous about a vaginal delivery. Of course, I may not get a chance at a vaginal delivery and having another C-section will be harder this time when I have twin toddlers that want to be picked up! I wish I knew which position the baby was in right now. I can take a guess, but I'm not certain.

A coworker of mine is pregnant (after a short time of trying) and I found out last night that a friend of ours from the dorm kitchen days is also pregnant. She just got married this past year, so that was quick too. Before, this news would just make me sad and I am still a little jealous of those who got pregnant so quickly, but having the twins and this pregnancy certainly makes things a lot easier. Congratulations to both of them!



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