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Monday, December 01, 2008

Many things...

I really need to write more...I can't remember all the things I wanted to write about.


We had a good Thanksgiving. We stayed at home, watched football (Seahawks suck this year - UW too), and went to the park to play for a bit (it was rather crowded at the park). It was just the four of us and our two kitties. The kitties even had a turkey dinner (though they'd rather it be fish).

Ella didn't seem to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner all that much - Benjamin, at least, ate a little bit of it.


The other day into work was a rather bumpy one - it felt as if the baby was going to come out due to all the pressure I was feeling. It felt as if the baby was dancing on my cervix - much like Ella did.

We went on a walk to a park about 10 or so blocks away yesterday - that brought on quite the hip pain. It may be time for the PT again.

Yesterday, at church, the pastor asked if everything was going o.k. in the pregnancy. A friend who goes to the same church said that we were mentioned b/c I had told our small group that I was going to have the fetal fibronectin test and that they had prayed that the test went well. It was nice of her to ask. It will be the next time that I go in that I'll be a bit worried about the results as that's when I got a negative on that test. Next time is also the gestational diabetes test.

Children Stories

Each time we leave the daycare, Ella insists on sitting in the time out chair. Then she gets up, pats the chair and tells Benjamin to sit there. She even tries to gently nudge him that direction, but he has no interest. I'm thinking of trying to find them a little table and chair set for Christmas as I think that they would enjoy that - Ella especially. Or maybe one of those little couches for toddlers.

Yesterday morning, we heard some giggling in their room and we just listened to them wondering what they were giggling about. It turns out they were playing hide and seek with the curtains.

Last night, Ella insisted on going to bed with one of my little books - ones that you might find at a Hallmark or something like that. So funny.

Lately, Benjamin has started to turn on his music crib toy when he wakes up - it's a good way to let us know. :-D

Both children - especially Ella - will sit down on their little potty for a little while, but they don't actually do anything. Sometimes they like to sit their with their pants on. It's a step, right? Getting them comfortable with the potty.


Went to go see Twilight this past weekend - it was alright. I enjoyed it well enough - though it was rather cheesy at spots and the special effects were just bad. That being said, I may go see it again especially since the movie I wanted to see next and thought was coming out next weekend (The Time Traveler's Wife) isn't coming out until 2009 sometime.

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