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Friday, October 24, 2008

OB Visit

Today, I had another OB visit.

I asked my questions on the flu shot and of tying my tubes (mentioned in last post) and I asked about whether the size of the baby would make a difference on whether the scar could rupture. On the last question, she said the chance of a rupture is still 1%. Because of that, if the baby is in the right position, I think I'm going to try a VBAC, so if any of our friends would like to volunteer to watch the kids for us if labor happens at night, that would be great. :-D

They also weighed me, as they do every single time, and I haven't gained a single pound or ounce since last month. The OB doesn't seem worried by that, but she did say she'd like me to gain at least 2 pounds by next month. So I guess I need to fatten myself up some. I don't suppose the salad I had for lunch just now is going to help with that. Nothing else sounded good.

Then next was the time to listen to the baby's heartbeat. At first, it seemed she couldn't find it so there was, what seemed like, a minute before we finally heard the heartbeat. I apparently was holding my breath until the OB said "there it is" as I let out a big sigh of relief. I was getting nervous - Jon said he was too.

That was about it. Not much else. Next time (in 4 weeks), she said she's going to start checking my cervix as that was one of my issues with the last pregnancy. She also said she's going to do the fetal fibronectin test as she did a couple times with the last pregnancy. Then I think a short time after that appointment is when I do the gestational diabetes test - blech.

We have to start thinking of baby names - I have no idea what to name this child! Time to get that baby name book out...



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