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Saturday, November 22, 2008

OB Appointment & Cute Children Stories

First, OB appointment went well. She checked my cervix and it is closed. She did the FFN which came back negative - thank goodness...though it didn't come back positive last time until the 2nd time she did that test around week 29-30. We heard the baby's heartbeat, so yay. She said next time, she might do an ultrasound and is when I'll be doing the glucose test - joy. That was pretty much it. It was a quick visit as she was off to deliver another baby. That remind me - I guess my OB will be on vacation the week I'm due. That makes me sad that it might not be my OB to deliver my baby..again. Oh well. I've seen most of the OB's there so it wouldn't be like I've never seen this person before ever.

Second, onto cute children stories.

The other night, I mistakenly said "as soon as papa comes home, we'll give you guys a bath." well, Ella got all excited as she does when Jon comes home and started clapping and screaming while running toward the door. I had to tell her that papa wasn't home yet, but he will be soon. Then, I said "let's go find our night-night clothes, then we'll get the bath ready." well, she was not happy that I went into their bedroom to get their pjs instead of going into the bathroom. You would think that she would be super excited to take a bath, but she didn't want to stay in the bathtub too long.

Then tonight, I'm at home alone with the twins as Jon went into work. Ella started twirling around and laughing while doing so and Benjamin thought that looked like fun, so he started doing it too. It was rather cute. Earlier in the evening, I was reading a book and I said 'baby' to Benjamin and he repeated it back to me! :-D I tried to get Ella to say it, but she didn't want to. She did say "kitty" as Oliver walked by. :-D

That's about it. Time to go find some chocolate.

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