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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Party Time!

This past weekend, we went to three separate Halloween parties. The first one was Saturday morning with one of the multiples groups we are members of. Ben & Ella had some fun playing with some crayons (to my knowledge, this was their first time with crayons) and going through the bowls of "prizes" that went with each of the games. Ella decided on some crayons and Benjamin had a monster guy, but ended up putting him back. After that, we visited the park right by the center that the party was at. Ben & Ella went on the swings - we got some good pictures of them on there. I need to upload them soon! A ladybug and a crocodile/alligator on the swings.

That evening, we went to a friend's house for dinner and ate some yummy food and talked a little bit with everyone. We ended up leaving rather soon so we could get the children to bed. Turns out, they needed the sleep. They surprisingly didn't wake up (or we didn't hear them) until 8:15 that morning - sleeping in time - so we had to rush to get ready to go to church that morning.

Later on Sunday, we went to the church's Halloween party. It was a rather warm day for October and even warmer inside so eventually, their costumes came off. We stayed there for a bit, then headed to the park in between parties. The next party was a pumpkin carving party. We didn't end up staying too long as it was rather difficult to keep the kids away from the knifes and food, but we wanted to come say hi to everyone as it seems we don't see many of these people that often anymore. And to those of you at that party, I do not just feed my children potato chips and chocolate treats. In fact, they don't really have much of that at all.

I'm not sure what we're going to do on Halloween night. We might take the kids around to say hi to the neighbors or go to the mall to see if they have things for the kids or we just might stay home to hand out the candy from the huge bag I bought at a warehouse type store. Decisions!

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