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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Toddler Updates

Yesterday, I get to the daycare and notice that Benjamin has a bite mark on his arm. The daycare told me that another toddler (younger than Ben & Ella) bit him on his arm. Benjamin screamed out and they consoled him. Ella saw Benjamin crying and figured out what had gone on, I guess, because she went over to the other kid and yelled at him. She was actually scolding the other kid (she likes to yell stop to our kitties because we yell stop at them when they scratch the couch), then she went over to Benjamin and pet his head to comfort him. What a good sister, she is.

Then they were telling me that Ella is better at sticking up for herself and will take back toys taken from her, but Benjamin won't. And I'm like, huh? And they clarified that Benjamin will stick up to Ella but not to other little kids (I was going to say, he fights with Ella all the time). If a toy is taken from him by another little kid (though he is the biggest one in the under 2 age group), he will just go get another toy - unless it's Ella that takes the toy, then he'll just take it back.

In other developments, Benjamin is more and more repeating words that I say. Last night, I said, "where are your eyes?" and he said "eyes" with a huge grin on his face. Ella pointed to her eyes. I haven't really heard Ella repeat words that I say though I know she understands them.

We got them balls the other night and Ella likes to yell "whoa!" every time she throws a ball. It is so incredibly cute. Benjamin actually yelled "whee!" last night when throwing a ball.

This weekend, they are having their Santa pictures taken here at my office. I'm a little anxious about how they will react - especially Ella. I hope that if she sees us, it will be o.k. We'll see this Saturday! Then Sunday, we were invited to a pre-Thanksgiving Day dinner. Yum! Thanksgiving dinner two times in one week! I'm looking forward to it!

Twilight comes out this weekend too - it's not looking like I'll be seeing it this weekend (though I would - I just don't want to go by myself), but maybe next weekend? Maybe?

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  • At 3:17 AM , Blogger Heather said...

    Poor Ben! I've seen it with a lot of my nephews (they are usually bigger than most other boys in their age group) that they aren't big on confrontation. They are big softies and so sweet. I think it's natures way of making sure they don't seem so menacing with their size.


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