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Friday, October 24, 2008

Cute Child Post

The daycare/preschool told me the other day that Ella has been teaching the kids on ways to get the teacher's attention when the teacher is giving activities for the older kids to do. A father of one of the other little kids said "there's the ring leader" when he saw Ella. Ella is the only girl in the under 2 group so naturally, the kids want to follow her. :-D Apparently, one of the ways she was showing them on how to get the teacher's attention is to move this soft slide toy that has velcro on it - when moved, it makes a noise as velcro does and so the teacher looks to them and they smile and laugh and hide in the tunnel. Ella did the multiple times before the other kids thought they would try it too - yep, it works! Silly children!

The teacher also told me that Benjamin loves to talk. He talks to everyone. Yep, Benjamin likes to talk...though so does Ella. I did hear Benjamin the other day say "I wuv oo" - awww! I wasn't sure if he was talking to me or to Ella. Either way, that's pretty cute. We mentioned to my OB today that we've heard them both say "hewo. how are oo?" when talking on the phone and she said that's surprising as boys tend to be slower when it comes to stringing words together. Not with Benjamin. He's been saying that with the phone for a while and thank you. Most of the time, I can't understand what he's saying or what Ella's saying but they're pretty sure they're talking in a language we understand, so we just say 'oh really' or 'that's great' or nod our head and they're probably saying something like "I'm going to go take out all of the clothes from the laundry and put them all over the floor, o.k.?"

Oh, and lately, Benjamin likes to point up to the sky - usually to a bird or to a plane, but sometimes, I'm not sure what he's pointing at. When we get home - if it's nice - we play out in the front yard for a bit. They really like that, but they don't like to go inside at all - especially Benjamin.

Well, that's all for now. :-D



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