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Saturday, August 18, 2007

So Sweet!!!

Today, I had quite interesting conversations with Benjamin and Ella. They are so cute when they "talk" with me. I love it. I love those sweet little smiles of theirs too. I am still amazed that I am their mother - I have to keep telling myself that I'm not just babysitting someone else's babies.

Well, this past week was a walking week. We went walking around the neighborhood of a new friend of ours from our childbirth class (I only had Ella with me and thank goodness b/c the walk wouldn't have been doable with the double stroller - I had Ella in the Bjorn - Benjamin stayed behind with grandma so they could have some one on one time). That walk was quite the workout - we walked up a HUGE hill on the way back to her house and it was hot outside. Then on Thursday, we walked around Greenlake with other twin moms - four moms and eight babies total - needless to say, we got stopped quite a few times with different comments - some other twin moms saying it gets easier while one said 0-1 was the easiest time for her (from the sounds of it, it sounds like she did some sort of fertility treatment too but didn't come right out and say it). We met a father of twin boys of which I saw again the next day when I went to Greenlake with some ladies from our childbirth class (6 moms altogether - quite the little caravan but we didn't get nearly as many comments as the 4 twin moms did the day before).

Today, the four of us (Jon, myself and the babies) went to a picnic with the multiples group that we are members of. We didn't stay too long, but hopefully, I'll be able to meet up with some moms at the next meeting or playdate. Tomorrow, we have another picnic with couples from our multiples class. I'm very much looking forward to it! After the picnic, my boss and her daughter offered to watch the babies while Jon and I went out. I wanted to go see Pirates or Shrek but no, they aren't playing anywhere nearby. UGH - all the movies I wanted to see came out when I was in the hospital and now they're not in any theaters that are close by. Boo! So, we might see Ratoutouille or Stardust.

It's going to be weird to have my boss in my house - not sure why, it just will be. I hope she doesn't come into my house and think I'm always a total slob. Some things just aren't getting done on as regular of a basis as they should be.

Well, I'm about to go to bed. Tonight, Jon is letting me have the night off as I let him have the night off last night - and that isn't so much a good time when the babies are tag teaming you. Oy! And it doesn't help that both babies wanted to be snuggled and trying to juggle both babies was challenging.

Anyway, off to bed. :-D

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  • At 6:16 PM , Blogger Kerry Lynn said...

    i just noticed your picture. is that from the south park studio?

    You are so busy getting out...that's so great. That's how I am and I think it's really important.
    I don't know any other multiple moms though :-( I may have to search some out.


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