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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

8 weeks!

Aww, my babies are 8 weeks already! Time flies when you're in a sleep deprived state. Right now, my two cuties are resting - they are so unbelievably cute...even when they're screaming - though I'd rather they didn't.

Today, we went on a walk around Greenlake with two other twin moms. It was actually a very tiring walk for me physically. Then about 1/4 of the way through, Ella was not a happy baby and she wanted nothing to do with the pacifier. Thankfully, one of the twin moms happened to have a Baby Bjorn (I forgot mine at home) and let me use it - she had been using it but her baby was asleep now. Ella LOVED it. She was so unhappy with me when I took her out of it - though when we were done walking, it was time to eat again so she could have been upset about that - it was probably both things. Benjamin slept through the entire walk - such a mellow baby (most of the time).

Then later, we got home and I thought I would attempt to pump while feeding the babies as they lay on the Boppy pillows as one twin mom suggested - it actually worked out better than I thought it would. I hadn't tried before now because I know I need to burp babies and it's just awkward to hold a baby while pumping, but it wasn't that bad (before now, I waited until the babies were sleeping and these days is a lot less than earlier - they want to awake for longer periods during the day). I may actually pump more now. We'll see. It would be nice if I can give them even more breastmilk and less formula.

After that, our friend Kelly came over for a visit and the babies went on their first geocaching adventure. Kelly is a big geocaching fan. I hope she'll share the picture she took of the babies with their first find. :-D Thanks Kelly for holding and feeding Benjamin! I should have taken a picture of the two of you! After you left, there was no nap time for me - both babies woke up and wanted held. I tried what one twin mom did at our meeting last week and put one baby in the Bjorn and hold the other - that only works for so long - those babies are getting a little heavy! Luckily, Jon came home shortly thereafter.

Well, I'm tired so off to bed I go - for however long that may be.



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