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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So far...

You know what hurts? A clogged milk duct - holy cow! Thankfully, that issue is now resolved.

So far today, the twins are being good. Ella has been sleeping most of the morning. She woke up briefly to eat, then went right back to sleep. I thought she would be waking up by now to eat some more and to play, but not yet. Ben ate and then wanted to play, so he played while I cleaned some dishes. Then we hung out together and he's now sleeping. Of course, the day isn't over yet. I really thought they'd be hungry by now.

I put some more pictures on my flickr site - some were taken on Sunday on their 2 month birthday and some were taken yesterday. Today, they are 9 weeks old.

Ella has taken to sticking out her tongue lately. Not sure what she's doing there. What's cute is that when we say hi to her, it really looks like she is trying hard to say hi back.

Benjamin, I keep forgetting to mention, has a bit of an umbilical hernia. The NP we saw yesterday said that it should go away on its own, but it looks uncomfy. He doesn't seem bothered by it though.

Tomorrow, my mother-in-law is coming up to help me with the twins. I think she's staying through Thursday. I might be walking around Greenlake the next 3 days with either singleton moms or twin moms - gotta get that exercise in! I wanted to go today, but I wasn't sure how the twins would be. I'm not sure if I mentioned or not, but I'm at my pre-pregnancy weight - I might even be a little less than that. I definitely weigh less than I did when I first went to my OB (whenever that was - maybe 10 weeks? - I could look it up, but I'm not going to - she said I weighed 7 pounds less than I did when I first went there).

This weekend, we have 2 picnics planned. The first is with a multiples group we are members of and the second is with couples from my UW multiples class. It will be a busy weekend!

Well, this post is getting way too long. I think I hear a baby fussing anyway!



  • At 9:16 AM , Blogger Heather said...

    Wow! Congrats on being at your pre-pregnancy weight. It took me several months for that!


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