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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Anniversary Date

Jon and I ended up going to Claim Jumper at Alderwood for dinner and to see Stardust at the theater across the street. Thank you to Ally and Edna for watching the babies last night - we really appreciate it!!!

Stardust is a really good movie and Jon, the guy who doesn't seem to like any movies, actually really liked this one too (gave it an A+). Our Claim Jumper experience was good up until it came time to pay the bill, then the waitress accidentally gave us the wrong receipt - thankfully, Jon noticed after he signed the wrong receipt (it had the guys name on it across the way). We didn't notice until later though that we had gotten the guy's credit card too - his was black like ours but for Alaska Airlines, not Amazon. UGH! So Jon walked back across the street to give them the credit card and our phone number should the guy show up again. We got a phone call this morning that the guy (who lives in Wenatchee) called and will send our credit card back to the restaurant via FedEx. Of course, Jon had already cancelled the card.

Anyway, besides the credit card issue (which really wasn't all that bad), we had a great time. Jon got me a gift cert to In Spa for a massage as my back has been so tight lately probably from lifting my 14 and 11 pound babies! I need to call for an appointment soon! I got Jon this book - he seems to like it.

Something that I keep forgetting to mention (though it really isn't all the interesting) is that the spot on my belly just below my rib cage that had been bothering me during the pregnancy so much that I didn't like anything touching it now just feels numb.

Today, the babies and I went on a walk around Greenlake with two ladies from my support group and their babies - one of the ladies told me that they heard from another lady in our group still cycling and that her beta came back at 0. I am so sad for her that it didn't work - I thought for sure it would based on the great news she was getting from the doctors - I just wish there was something I could do in order for a cycle to work for her.

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  • At 8:40 PM , Blogger Nickie said...

    Happy anniversary!!

    Gonna have to convince DH to see Stardust. Shouldn't be too hard.

    Odd that the spot on your belly is numb now.

    So sorry about your support group friend, it's so hard when it doesn't work.


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