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Monday, August 20, 2007

Almost 10 weeks!

To answer Kerry Lynn, I did get that picture from South Park studio. I also have a Simpsons me and an M&M me, but I like the South Park one the best. :-D

Well, today was a good day - I am so grateful for those good days. Babies were mostly good until the evening - why do they get so fussy in the evening? Today, I got Benjamin to sleep in his crib for his two naps today! He can be such an easy baby most of the time. Right now, he's talking to something downstairs - maybe to Jon right now. Ella didn't want to stay in her crib for too long, so I let her sleep in our room. She will definitely be the challenge in getting to sleep in the other room as she is the one who needs to be held. She did seem interested in the mobile though - but only for so long.

Ella still spits up a lot and because of that fusses a lot - I thought by switching to this new formula that has probiotics in it (as the pediatrician's office suggested) that would help, but no. Of course, she spits up breast milk so why would the new formula help? I'm giving the formula a few more days, then I'll call them again. A friend suggested I try a soy formula - I have a sample that was sent to me so we should just try it. I also got her a little foam mattress thing that will elevate her when she's sleeping in the co-sleeper or in the crib, if she'll sleep in there.

Yesterday, the four of us went to an indoor picnic with those from our multiples class - we had a good time chatting with everyone and seeing everyone's twins. I think we're planning on a Christmas get-together. However, some of us will probably continue to get together at Greenlake or at each other's homes or brave the movies again.

Oh, speaking of which, my boss came over yesterday with her daughter (she's in her early 20s) to watch Ben & Ella. Jon and I went to go see Ratatouille - it was a cute movie - not the best Pixar movie, but I liked it. I am so grateful for them coming over - we needed a "date". We're going to go again - this time to dinner - on the 29th for our 9th wedding anniversary. A friend is going to watch them.

Well, that's about it from here. Oh, on Saturday, Benjamin was about halfway flipped over - it must have been a fluke because he hasn't done it again. I was getting all excited about him flipping over! Tomorrow they will be 10 weeks old - amazing!

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  • At 1:45 PM , Anonymous Kendall said...

    Hey it's just me!! I thought maye i would try this comment thing!! I think it's cute that Ben is finally sleeping in the crib! does he fall asleep in it or is he already asleep when you put him in???

  • At 9:52 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    If Ben really is trying to turn himself over you'll really have to make sure he is on the floor or in his crib so he doesn't roll off of something. Make sure everyone knows that comes to help you so they don't leave him where he can fall off. That's great that he is sleeping in the crib. That little princess ella will have to start sleeping in her crib too. Well it sure seems like the days are zooming by I can't believe that they are 10 weeks old already. Wow. Can't wait to see the little cuties again now that they are smiling and everything. Love Grandma Pam


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