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Friday, April 20, 2007

Glucose, OB, PT and more (27 weeks 4 days)

Well, I just found out the results today for my first glucose test…I failed. So next Tuesday at 8 a.m., I will have to go through the fasting 3-hour test. It shall be a fun time (so much sarcasm in that statement). Not sure what I will do with myself in between the blood draws – bring a good book? Ask a friend to join me in that boredom, as I’m sure Jon won’t be able to come? Probably shouldn’t do that last one – it will be too boring – I wouldn’t subject someone on purpose to that amount of boredom.

I also have an OB appointment that afternoon, so I’m taking the whole day off work. I’m hoping nothing has changed in my cervix length since last week - otherwise, the OB may just push for bedrest. Not that I love going to work, but I’d like to be able to go at least one more month before I have to leave work. I’ll do whatever the OB says, of course.

Last night, Jon and I went to another class. This one was all about coping with labor pains in different ways including with breathing, food, and smells. The teacher tortured us (both of us – the husbands weren’t getting off that easy) with trying out these coping techniques by making us hold ice in our hands for the length of a contraction. I found that what worked the best for me (though didn’t necessarily work all that well) were hard candies and really strong perfume smells – those I found somewhat distracting. The others not at all.

Today’s PT appointment went really well – she showed me some more exercises, and then came the best part – a massage. She seemed to know exactly where I needed the pressure – it felt so incredibly good.

This weekend isn’t nearly as busy as prior weekends, thank goodness. We have our tour of the hospital tonight. Tomorrow, I have nothing planned, but I may go to the Seattle Public Library sale to see I can find some children’s books (I have enough books for myself though I doubt I’ll be able to resist looking for books for me – we’ll see how I feel). On Sunday, we are going to a preparing for postpartum class at the hospital – luckily, it is just for 2 hours. I may go to the book sale this day rather than Saturday since books are ½ off the already cheap price.

Sometime this weekend, we need to clean up a couple of our rooms for our guests coming into town next weekend for my shower so they have a place to sleep. Up until now, those two rooms have been places to put things until I found a permanent place to put them. My brother is also coming to live with us in early May so we need one of the rooms cleaned for him too.

Wow, that makes it seem busy, but it doesn’t seem that bad considering what the past weekends have been like. Anyway, have a great weekend everyone!

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  • At 2:33 PM , Blogger Kristen said...

    I did my 3 hour on Monday (unfortunately I failed mine) and wanted to offer my experience as advice. I brought a ton of stuff to do and did nothing. Luckily they had a room with comfy chairs and a TV. I felt pretty crummy so all I did was watch TV. Reading made me dizzy so don't count on that. Maybe a computer with headphones and a DVD or music to listen to. Also, wear comfy clothes. I was hot as heck during mine and wished I wore layers. Just my two cents. :>)

  • At 9:19 AM , Blogger TeamWinks said...

    So sorry you failed the test. I will cross my fingers for better results from the fasting test.

  • At 1:07 AM , Blogger Rachel Inbar said...

    I took a crossword puzzle with me, but ended up with my head on my backpack (pretending it was a pillow) half asleep during most of the wait.

    I did fail the test, but since it was only discovered late in the pregnancy, they sent me for induction. I really wished they had discovered it sooner (I had a normal-borderline result on the original glucose challenge) because I felt that I'd been unknowingly causing damage to my baby... (When the baby was born, it was clear that she hadn't been affected by the gestational diabetes, but if she had been, I would have felt terribly guilty.)

    Good luck with the test and with the results. Apparently there's about 2/3 chance of not having diabetes even after failing the first test.

  • At 5:42 AM , Blogger OHN said...

    I hear you. I HATE to sit and do nothing. I routinely take a bag of things to do while waiting anywhere. A book, knitting, bills to pay, stationary to write thank you notes and on one occasion I borrowed a teeny dvd player and watched a movie.

    Good luck!!

  • At 2:15 PM , Blogger Nickie said...

    yeah, the 3 hr is boring as hell. My OB at the time had a learning center in the office so I went up there and watched different videos about various aspects of pg, including GD, good thing since I ended up failing that 3 hr.

    I hope you can squeak by, but like I told Kristen, don't feel guilty, it's not you, it's your poor pancreas battling 2 placentas and just being out-gunned. Fingers crossed.


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