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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

OB & Glucose (28 weeks 2 days)

Yesterday was very busy. I got to the lab around 7:50 for my 8 a.m. appointment. The lab tech took my blood right away and then gave me the lovely glucola to drink – nasty stuff – I felt so nauseous after drinking that! After an hour, it was time to take my blood again. That continued on for another couple hours. Fortunately, the time went by rather quickly. They had some trashy celebrity magazines for patients to look at, so that took up quite a bit of my time (as Nickie mentioned). During one of the hours, I wrote out some thank you cards for people who came to my Spokane shower. After the test, it was so nice to be able to go get something to eat. I was starving the night before and it felt like the food in the house was just there to torture me (o.k. it really wasn’t that bad). I got some lunch, then headed over to the bank to deposit a check. After this, I was just too tired to go to the maternity store up the street so I came back home and tried to take a nap. On my way home, I had what felt like a contraction – it hurt. It felt good to lay down.

After a while, it was time to go get Jon to go to our OB appointment. She checked my cervix and everything seemed the same as the week before so that’s good news (that cervix check was really painful). She also said that the mucus in the cervix was normal, so more good news. She then went and did a quick ultrasound to check the babies heartbeats and that was normal – yay! They are still laying transverse (boy) and breech (girl) with their heads right up by each other – so incredibly cute (the doctor thought so too – she also said it looks like they are plotting with each other – I thought it was probably to push on my bladder and my ribs at the same time). She also told me that although I am not anemic (which surprises her) that I should start taking iron supplements which may mean I need to take a stool softener along with it as too much iron causes constipation, so I’ll be looking for that stuff tonight. Next week, she is going to do another fetal fibronectin test to see if I might go into labor in the next couple weeks. Last night, I had another contraction – I tried all the breathing exercises I’ve been given but it wasn’t really helping. Luckily, it stopped rather quickly and I haven’t had another one though my tummy does feel a bit tight right now.

Later on that night, we went to go look at the first day care I looked at. Jon agreed that it seemed like a good place, so we put down a deposit and she said to drop by anytime to just hang out for a while which I will do once I have another day off. I feel good about the decision, but I'm still anxious about it too. After that, we went off to our 3rd childbirth prep class which I'm beginning to wonder if I will need at all if we have a planned c-section. One of the classes does talk about c-sections though.

To answer Faith’s question – we decided we will try a snap ‘n go stroller in the beginning as was recommended to me by Nickie (thanks!). It just makes it easier with the babies – we just keep them in their car seat rather than having to take them out of it. Once they get a bit older though, we will probably get one of the Graco ones – not sure which one yet but this is one that I liked.

In other news, I found out that two of my support group friends are currently on hospital bedrest – they are both pregnant with twins. I hope that everything works out for them and they can, at least, make it to 36 weeks.

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