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Saturday, November 20, 2010


Today has been a very long, exhausting day. I get really frustrated when my kids, who know how to talk, can't say what they want. They will either scream or just grunt. It really frustrates me. It makes me wonder if I'm really cut out for this. I just said love you to my kids and Ella yelled at me to go. Not something I particularly want to hear especially after a frustrating few minutes or hours.

Sometimes it makes me jealous of those with just one kid. They have no idea how easy they have it. Sure, raising one child is hard, but that seems like a cakewalk compared to 3 kids - all 3 and under.

I was going to talk about the fun part of the day, but the end part of the day keeps popping back into the forefront. We went to my work to get pictures with Santa. Ella was brave and sat on Santa's lap but the other two refused to be in the picture unless held by a parent so once again, we were in the picture. Then I couldn't get all 3 of them in the same shot for a Christmas card photo so once again, I'll have to split them up.

After that, we came home for lunch then I took the twins to their gymnastics class. They seem to have a good time with it that it is sad that there is only more class left on the first Saturday of December. After the class, I took them to Half Price books just for something to do. I managed to walk out of there without getting a book for myself but I did get books for the twins. A coloring book, that is. With stickers.

Then I made the mistake of taking just Ella with me to the store. We came home and Benjamin was awake but Ella was not. So I took Benjamin inside and took Ella to the store with me once she woke up (well, I thought she was awake but she wasn't so I woke her up when we got to the store). I came home and Benjamin was really upset that he didn't get to go too, so after dinner, we all made a trip to Target. We got them a caterpillar music toy that they love and fight over constantly. I guess we thought this would mean bedtime would go smoother and they would stay in their bed if they had one. They are still in bed...but asking Ella if she wanted lotion on her hands mean her saying yes then refusing to use any of the lotions I offered her. She grunted or just refused the choice by turning her back.

It has been a long day and this is probably just getting to me more because of it being a long day (and tomorrow is going to be busy in the morning too - I really hope they behave themselves since I am taking all 3 with me to a friend's house for a little party (this is a friend from support group and other support group ladies will be there with their kids). I'm taking them on my own, so I really hope they behave and go to the potty when they need the potty. I hope they can give me potty training advice because I need it.

(also, part of my frustration is just me throwing my own little pity party)

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