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Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Stories

I get a text from my husband yesterday saying Ella had cut her hair saying "papa, I cut my hair! With scissors!" Umm, what? I immediately asked to see a picture (as I was at work) and couldn't tell where she had cut her hair, thankfully. I asked her where she had cut her hair and she said "in the bathroom." Umm, sweetie, I meant where on your head? She gave no answer.

These days Nicholas wants to be like his brother and sister in another way - he wants to sit on the potty. I asked him last night as I saw him acting like he was going #2 if he wanted to sit on the potty. He said "yep", so he started walking there and wanted me to take off his pants so he could sit down. Nothing happened, but at least, it seems at this point, Nicholas will be easier to train than either of his siblings.

Ben & Ella will go pee in the potty. Sometimes Benjamin has an accident, but it is becoming more rare. Having them go poo is another issue...still. Benjamin seems to do better at it than Ella. I think for him it is that he doesn't want rather than he is scared (which seems to be Ella's reason). Everyone keeps telling me it will happen, but seriously, I feel as if we will have the first kids to never learn to go poo on the potty. I really just don't want to buy pull-ups anymore. We definitely will not be introducing them with Nicholas.

I wish I could have seen Harry Potter last night, but I have to work today. My work can't possibly let people have time off during this month (except for Thanksgiving) because they wouldn't want people to be able to spend time with family members that live elsewhere or to do fun things like go to a midnight showing of Harry Potter (not that I'd be able to stay up that late anyway or that I was invited to go with anyone...though I may end up going to see it by myself anyway since everyone has probably already seen it that would want to see it my little group). Well, enough of that pity party.

Oh, another cute story. Benjamin & Ella have become even closer it seems. I will see them giving each other hugs or wrestling on the floor. I thought it would be Benjamin & Nicholas wrestling, but nope, Ella is doing that too. It is quite cute right now. I need to get another picture of them hugging each other.

Some new pics are at


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