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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

21 months

Ben & Ella turned 21 months nearly 2 weeks ago now and I'm just now getting around to writing about it.

Both of them have been saying many new words lately. Benjamin said "brush" and "hi guys" the other night. Ella likes to say baby a lot and play with her baby dolls - the way she says baby is just adorable - kinda like "bebe".

The other day when I took them to daycare/preschool, I noticed that Ella likes to join in with the others a lot more than Benjamin does. Benjamin seems to be more shy with kids around his own age than Ella. Ella, on the other hand, seems more shy around adults she doesn't really know too well. Benjamin is a little nervous around them too, but not nearly as much as Ella. Ella actually screamed the other day when a friend of mine from work came by and just said hi to Ella.

Both of them seem to be great with the baby. Ella likes to be the little mommy and get me diapers and blankets as well as taking care of her own babies too. She gave Nicholas a little kiss on the lips the other day and comes up to him and gives him a hug without prompting. She does that to her brother and her parents too. Benjamin gave him a little hug - his version of a hug anyway when he leans his head into whomever he is hugging.

Benjamin LOVES to play outside and expects to play outside when we get home from daycare/preschool. It will be interesting starting next week when I'll have all 3 and they want to play outside. I'll have to put Nicholas into the baby bjorn or if I need to feed Nicholas (and it's still cold outside), hear Benjamin and Ella scream because we are not outside playing (though if I start bottle feeding more, that might not have to happen). It's been nice when I've had help here to watch Nicholas so I can play outside for a while with the kids.

There are some pics of them I need to upload too...

Well, that's about it for now. I know I'll think of more to write about later, as usual. :-D

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