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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1 month old

Today, Nicholas is a one month old. It's amazing that already a month has passed.

I've been meaning to come up here to blog, but things just get busy and blogging is the last thing that I tend to do. However, since I have a moment, I do want to write down some things I've been meaning to blog about.

First, the birth story. I left out some details from the birth story - just because I forgot about them. My husband wrote about a few of them, so here's a link to his posts - part 1 and part 2. One additional thing that I remember is that as I was laboring and right before pushing, I remember the OB telling me that they were concerned that the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck. Of course, that freaked me out. Thank goodness, the cord was not near his neck. Speaking of the cord, my husband cut the cord this time. I do wonder what the cord feels like.

Second, breastfeeding. Breastfeeding has been going well. I try to feed him from the breast during the day and at night, he gets breast milk from a bottle. Jon feeds him while I pump. I pump at least twice during the day too. I'm able to get enough milk
to freeze this time, which is nice. However, I'm thinking of just pumping and giving him milk through the bottle exclusively. I just like knowing how much he's getting a certain time. We'll see. I was going to go to just a bottle with breast milk eventually when I get closer to going back to work, so it would just happen a little sooner.

Third, I remember once upon a time that my grandmother said to me, if you can get through the pain of a kidney stone, you can get through the pain of childbirth. Well, as a person who has gone through both - childbirth was more painful though with the kidney stone, I didn't know what was going on with me for a long time, so that was scarier as I thought I was dying.

Fourth, just some little tidbits - I finally gave Nicholas a real bath rather than just a little cleaning. Surprisingly (I say sarcastically), he hated it. He screamed the whole time. I have pics of that that I'll upload soon along with pics we took today on his 1 month birthday. We went out today with my mom and unless we were in the car moving, he screamed unless he was being held. I need to remember to bring the baby bjorn for our next outing so I can hold him that way and still get some shopping done. I saw some cute things at Old Navy and Kohl's for Ben & Ella that I'll have to go back for. We're o.k. for a while on clothes for Nicholas.

Finally, tomorrow, I'm taking Nicholas to the pediatric urologist to see if he can do his circumcision. I'm also taking Benjamin in to see the doctor because of some constipation issues. I'm wondering if he might be lactose intolerant or what else might be going on with him.

Go to for some pics - I'll upload more soon, I hope.

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