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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

30th week

Just a little over 30 weeks now. This was the week that I went into the hospital with the twins so I was a little anxious about the results of the fetal fibronectin test they did last week (though not too anxious since there is only one baby this time). I finally got the news it came back negative. Thank goodness! I see my OB again on the 9th.

I can't believe that the baby is less than 10 weeks away (if we go by due date). It still feels like there is so much to do to get ready and I am in no way prepared for this.

Tomorrow night is New Year's Eve and we'll be celebrating at home since we don't have a babysitter. That's alright really since I think I may just have enough energy to stay up to celebrate with the East Coast before heading to bed.

I am having some cramping lately and it seems to be just more Braxton Hicks. I am definitely having more heartburn issues and the Tums are starting to not cut it anymore. Other than that, things are still going well with the pregnancy. That's about it.

As soon as I find where I put the stats for Ben & Ella at their 18 month check-up, I'll post those. I also need to upload our Christmas pics and write about our day!



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