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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cute Stories

Both of them kinda understand now that there is a baby in mommy's belly and will point to my belly when we ask where the baby is. Of course, there have been a couple times that they look to their own bellies. Both of them know how to say baby and last night, Benjamin said "I see a baby". Does that count as his first sentence or is it "hello, how are you?" though he says that as all one word?

Jon put up some Christmas lights the other day and each morning, Benjamin insists that we turn them on. He really insists. This morning, I put on my Christmas light necklace and turned it on - he liked that a lot - as did Ella.

Ella has figured out how to get on and off the scooter, so she's been riding that around everywhere. Ella also asks "what's that?" all the time now. I guess that's her first sentence. :-D

Both of them know where a lot of their body parts are and will point to them when asked.

Did I write the other day that Ella was walking around with their baby dolls and found the bottles that went with them, and she was feeding the babies? It's so cute.

Another thing that they like to do is to put on Jon's pink (yes, pink) croc wannabe shoes and walk around in them. I keep trying to get a picture but have had no luck.

Speaking of pics, there are new pics on my flickr site - - even though they've seen the snow before - it is like they are experiencing it for the first time. Ella doesn't appreciate it so much unless she's where the plow has been in the road. Benjamin likes that too. I got them both mittens and hats to wear outside and of course, the 2T/3T hat does not fit Benjamin's head so Jon put his hat on Benjamin. You'll see a pic of that on flickr.

I think that's about it for now. I know there are some stories I'm forgetting.

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