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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I was just reading my old posts as the things I need to work on at work need to wait until there is someone actually on the East Coast at work to answer the phone.

Anyway, one of the old posts I was reading was about the words that my children say. Last night, Benjamin saw Sophie (our kitty) on our bed and excitedly yelled "kitty!" very clearly. So cute. The other night I thought he said while handing something to me "give you". Who knows if that's what he said, but it sounded like it.

As for Ella, I can't think of any new words she's said recently.

In Ella news, we did switch her shoes to some tennis shoes from the sandals she was wearing since the weather is changing. She hates the tennis shoes because she can't easily take those off. We bought some new shoes for Benjamin too though they might be a bit too big for him yet.

Also, Benjamin and Ella both love the indoor slide we got for them. Benjamin will go up and down the slide now, not just up and down the ladder. They like to fight over whose turn it is. This morning, Jon told me that they fought over who got to throw away the dirty diaper! They've been helping us throw away their dirty diapers. And speaking of, Ella is starting to show some signs of being ready to start potty training. She has handed me a diaper for me to change her the other day and she didn't squirm around when I did so. The other night she was stinky, so I said, let's go change your diaper, and she didn't fight me on it! She laid right down where she needed to and let me change her diaper. So it might be time to break out a potty chair!

As for the pregnancy, I think I might have felt the baby move, but I don't know. Last pregnancy, it felt like butterflies. This time, it felt like popcorn going off in my belly. Maybe it's something else. I haven't felt it too often - maybe 2 or 3 times now. And just now too.

This Friday, I have an OB appointment and I'm looking forward to it so we can hear the heartbeat again. I plan to ask her when I should be tested for gestational diabetes (not that I want to do that again) and what the chances are of me having the cervix issues I had before when this time it isn't twins. Hopefully, the chances are low. No bedrest for me please.

That's all for now. I would really like to post more often to document Ben & Ella growing up and the pregnancy, but I seem to forget what I was going to write about so I don't.

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