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Friday, September 19, 2008

Sleepless nights & Pregnancy Stuff

So I just need to say that having Jon away for one night was not something that I couldn't handle. I feel like my other post made it sound like that. It would have preferable, however, that I had not come down with a cold and felt achy all over the very night that this was taking place, but that's just the way things happened. I'm afraid that I did put my kids to bed a little earlier that night just so I could go to bed earlier once I cleaned dishes, etc. It wasn't that much earlier - only 10-15 minutes.

The rest of this post is rather boring. I'm just writing it so I can remember how things were going in a particular point in the pregnancy.

Anyway, so that night, I didn't sleep well at all. Actually, for the past few nights, I haven't been sleeping all that well. I keep waking up due to bladder issues or being uncomfortable or just a paranoid fear that I have that something I'm doing is causing me to hurt the baby (please tell me I have nothing to worry about and that everything will be o.k. Is it 09/26 yet so I can go to the OB for that reassurance everything is o.k.?). And just as I was falling asleep, Benjamin woke up screaming. I stayed in bed a bit (15 seconds) hoping he would calm himself down, but nope. Thankfully, he wasn't having another night terror so I was able to calm him down quickly by walking around with him for a bit before getting him back in bed. Then, Ella woke up around 2 or 3 a.m. - thankfully, she calmed herself down - perhaps by finding the pacifier and sticking it in her mouth. So that night, not a peaceful one.

I woke up that morning around 5 or so and couldn't get back to sleep so I laid in bed until I heard Ella moving around and talking in her bed. I went to go get ready for the day before going to get her and have I mentioned that I hate brushing my teeth? Brushing led to gagging which led to throwing up. I finally got myself together enough to go get Ella, then a bit later, Benjamin once he woke up. We went to the doctor. I took the kids to daycare and headed to work. As I headed to work, I knew I should have stayed home but there is this big thing I'm working on that needs to be done soon so I headed in. When I got there, I found that there wasn't anything I could do on that project so I went home after responding to a few e-mails. All that gas for about 2 hours at work.

My plan was to sleep for a while, then go get Ben & Ella. I couldn't fall asleep so I ended up watching the finale of The Office (finally!) and a few other shows (started watching Chelsea Lately - they can be mean on there sometimes). That night, to help with the sleepless nights, I took a Benadryl pill. I felt rather anxious about taking it though the OB's office told me it would be o.k. I'm just nervous to take anything like that while pregnant. And, of course, I start feeling some pressure in my cervix this morning so I'm even more nervous about taking another pill tonight. Plus, those pills make me incredibly groggy the next day. It took me forever to get up, and I still feel very tired.

Well, that's it. Other than the above, I've been feeling o.k. with this pregnancy. I just want it to be next Friday so I can see the OB and we can hear the baby's heartbeat again. I keep telling myself we should think of baby names, but then I say we should wait until after the next appointment so we know everything is still o.k. I can't help my paranoia when it comes to the pregnancy.

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