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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

14 months!

Happy 14 months to Benjamin & Ella!

Ella was so cute last night. I was trying to change her diaper and her clothes into nighttime clothes. I got her daytime clothes off and so she figured that was enough and she got up and smiled at me then walked behind the couch and looked at me and smiled from the other end of the couch on the opposite side I was on. She did this back and forth several times. Eventually, she got close enough that I was able to get her diaper changed and got her into nighttime clothes. Her little smile was so cute and she laughed when I said "Hi Ella."

Benjamin knows there are buttons on the tv now. He has changed the station numerous times (we're watching the Olympics). I guess this morning, he turned on the tv. He is such a sweetie. He will just come up to me at different times during the day or night to come give me a hug and snuggle into me. It is so completely adorable.

Ella will come give me a hug, sometimes, if I open my arms wide enough. Sometimes, she just ignores me. Oh, another cute thing that Ella does is that sometimes she's feeling extra nice and will go up to give Benjamin a toy thinking, I guess, he wants that toy to play with. At least she's sharing when she wants to. They will still fight over stuff though (and I'm sure that will only continue).

Both Benjamin and Ella are good sleepers for the most part. I think we've been lucky with that. They've been sleeping through the night for quite some time now. I do hope Benjamin's night terrors don't continue though. We will need to make sure he gets his 2 naps each day and goes to bed at a good time (though last night, they didn't go to bed until nearly 9 - which is just 1/2 hour off of normal time).

I can't believe that my babies are now 14 months old. When I saw a friend's 3 week old baby, it was hard to imagine that Ben & Ella were ever that tiny (even tinier really - that baby was born at around 8 1/2 pounds). It's been wonderful seeing them grow up. It will be challenging, though, to have another infant in the house with twin toddlers!

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