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Monday, July 28, 2008

More Cute Stories

This weekend was a pretty low key one for us. Having a weekend like that per month is always good. On Saturday, we went did a bit of shopping and Jon put together the outdoor playset we got for the kids. They absolutely loved climbing up the slide and going back down the slide - so much giggling! It was great.

Then on Sunday, we went to Target and while there had a bit of an adventure. While we were just about to get onto the elevators (ours is a 2 story Target), all the lights in the store went off. It was pitch black. The kids didn't freak out, thank goodness. Just a little while later, some of the lights came back on and there was suddenly all these people heading our direction to get out of the building. At this time, the alarm was also going off. Thinking it would be better outside, Jon took the kids outside while I waited in line to pay for our stuff. It turns out they would have been better inside as the alarm pretty much died down inside but was still going off so loudly outside. We were leaving at the same time as a bunch of other people and because someone thought it a great idea to close off the express entrance and exit on a weekend day, it took forever to get back out of the parking garage.

After that, we got back home (after a pit stop at a secondhand children's store that was having a big sale - we didn't get anything). Jon put up the new gate between the dining room and the kitchen so I don't have to hurdle over the other one - this one has a pedal that you press on to open a door. So anyway, we put the box down on the floor for a bit b/c Sophie, one of our kitties, hearts the boxes. Well, this time Ben & Ella were loving the box. They thought it was so hilarious to play on. Then a bit later, they were either playing hide and seek or chasing each other or both. Ella would walk to their bedroom and Ben would start crawling after her, then she would walk out and they would crack up and go back to the box. They did this multiple times. I took video of all this as did Jon. When I upload the videos, I'll let you know - just know that when you watch, you'll see laundry on the floor - Ella was "helping" me put away the laundry.

That's our weekend and, unfortunately, I'm back at work. I don't feel pregnant at all. Sometimes I feel nauseous, but not as bad as I remembered it being before. I'm exhausted all the time, but I do have 2 toddlers to take care of. Next appointment is on August 22. We have the NT scan and an OB appointment that day. And unfortunately, more bloodwork. Must try to plump up veins for that day to lessen trauma from bloodletting.

By putting the ultrasound pic on my flickr site, one of the ladies in my support group knows about the pregnancy. I forgot she and I are friends on flickr. She e-mailed me and I e-mailed back. I'm currently waiting on her reply. I'm anxious to get her reply after I told her this time it was natural. I don't think anyone from my support group reads this, but maybe they do so maybe more of them know already? I see them in a couple weeks for a picnic. I hope that I am not showing by then, but so many people say that the 2nd pregnancy, you start to show earlier...

Anyway, back to work. End of break.

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