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Friday, July 25, 2008

Wonderful News & More

One of the ladies in my support group just announced the birth of her daughter. She was born last Friday. I am so incredibly happy for her and am so grateful that each and every one of us can now call ourselves mom. We are planning a get-together in August - it will be nice to see everyone and see how their children have grown since we last got together.

I don't plan to tell my support group about the pregnancy until later in August. Part of me is just feeling so horrible - survivor's guilt, I guess - that I became one of those women who have one of those surprise pregnancies. I'm nervous to their reactions...though if your reaction is any indication, I'm sure it will be just fine. Thank you so much for your comments!!!

Today, I'm considered to be 8 weeks. Everyone at my work nows - well, those in my part of the department know. I'll probably share with the rest of the department at our department picnic on the 11th. My vanpool will find out eventually (except one person in the vanpool knows - I let it slip when I was riding home with him last night).

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