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Monday, June 30, 2008

Toddler Stories...

I have a few cute stories to share about my two cute toddlers...

For Ella -

The other day, she went to this little activity table we have for them and started playing the music. She would stand there and dance, lifting feet up to do so. When the music stopped, she would just start it again. Cuteness!

While at Cos&tco on Friday, Benjamin started to cough. At home, when one of them coughs, I pat them on the back. Well, while shopping, Benjamin started to cough and Ella started to pat him on the back.

Then yesterday, he was fussy about something. Most likely how freaking hot it was, but maybe something else when Ella goes over to him and pats him on the head and talks to him in this high pitched voice. What a caring little girl.

Ella likes to "help" fold the laundry. The other day, she took two pieces of laundry and started to walk away with it while shaking it in her hands.

For Benjamin -

His tooth is starting to pop through even more - you can actually see it now rather than just feel it. There might be the other one next to this one coming through too. He was fussy last night - a combination of heat and teething, I think.

Lately, Benjamin has been saying something that sounds a lot like "all done" or "done". The other day, he said it and I asked, "you're all done?" and he just smiled as if he was so happy I understood him! He also says "cat" rather clearly sometimes. It's funny that he picked up "cat" and Ella picked up "kitty" (or the way she says it is "Keh".

We bought a CR-V over the weekend though I'm wondering if we should have got a know, in case a miracle happens ever in the future.

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  • At 6:54 PM , Blogger Alli said...

    Wow - one already! That's nuts! So glad everything is going well for you guys. LOVE the cute kiddo stories!


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