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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ben & Ella's 1st Birthday & Weekend

I meant to write about Ben & Ella’s first birthday before now, but things get busy when you have family in town and a party to throw!

Their first birthday was this past Thursday on June 12. We celebrated it by giving them some ice cream. They liked it, but they weren’t too impressed by it (we gave them vanilla). Perhaps they’d like it more if we gave them chocolate! We also took some photos that recreated ones we took last year right after Ben & Ella were born. That was fun - they really didn't stick with the positions they were in last year. They are a bit more squirmy these days. :-D

Then on Friday, we spent time cleaning and hanging out at home waiting for my family to arrive. That night, we just spent some hanging out and watching most of a dumb movie (Walk Hard).

Saturday was the day of the party. We had a bit of fun when our toilet decided to overflow shortly before everyone was set to arrive, but thankfully Jon took care of that while I took Ben & Ella out with my sister and her kids to shop for Ben & Ella’s birthday present. The party was a lot of fun. We had a BBQ and they enjoyed their first ever cupcake (it’s really a mini-cake since it’s from Cos&tco). Here is a video of that fun.

Ben got it all over his face and into his ear. Ella used the frosting as a hair conditioner. There are some pictures on flickr if you’d like to see. They also enjoyed opening their presents (with the assistance of their parents). They got some great presents!

On Sunday, since it was finally nice day in my part of the world, we decided to go for a picnic at Hamlin Park. After the picnic, my sister and her kids wanted to go see the Fremont Troll, so we drove over there to see it. Jon walked Ben & Ella back home from the park (his idea). After the troll, we went to Magnuson Park to enjoy the weather by Lake Washington. Then we came back home for another BBQ (we had a lot of leftovers), then a few of us went to go see a friend host and sing at an open mic at Wayward.

Monday, the kids wanted to go to Archie McPhee so we headed over there for a bit, then had some lunch and then my sister and her kids and my parents and brother were off back to Spokane. Jon and I later took Ben & Ella out on a walk after their nap. Ella got a bit fussy on our way there – I think she wanted to get out and walk, but she was happy when Jon put her on his shoulders until we got to a nearby park. They both really happy to walk around in the grass.

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