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Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend - Parades and Teething

We actually had some nice weather for the beginning of summer! June-uary (as it’s been called around here) went away for a little bit for the weekend (it’s a bit chilly out today though the weather said it would be warmer and what did I put on my children? Shorts (Benjamin) and a cute little skirt (Ella). Ugh. Actually, Benjamin wasn’t awake when I left, so I assume Jon dressed Benjamin in his Mariner outfit (we still support them though they suck)). It was nice that it was warm for the summer solstice parade in Fremont on Saturday (I’m sure all the naked bicyclists appreciate that too). It was my first time going to that parade though I’ve lived in Seattle for nearly 15 years!

Anyway, in other news, it looks like Benjamin may be popping a tooth out soon. He’s had a bit of a fever and some diarrhea of which many have told me comes with teething for some babies. Ella also had a bit of a fever too, but she wouldn’t let me check to see if there were any teeth coming through up top. Benjamin, actually, didn’t like me touching his gums either, but I did, and I noticed a little ridge poking through. Poor guy has been Mr. Cranky over the past few days because of it.

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