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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Eve of Ben & Ella's 1st birthday!

Some more cute stories to share on the eve of Ben & Ella’s 1st birthday!!! As of tomorrow, I will be the mom of two one-year-olds! Crazy!

Anyway, onto the cute stories…

The other day, Benjamin was being fussy about something (I can’t remember now what it was) and Ella crawled over to him and said something to him in this soft high-pitched voice like she was soothing him. How adorable is that?

So lately, Ella will steal a toy that Benjamin has (not new) and Benjamin will fuss about it. Well, in trying to teach her to be nice to share, we ask her to give it back to Benjamin because Benjamin had it first, then she will have her turn. I realize she is only (nearly) 1, so she isn’t going to quite get it but we try. Well, when we ask her for it, she will, most of the time, share it with us, but if we give it to Benjamin, she cries out as if she wanted to share it with us, not her brother. If she wanted to share it with him, she would just give it to him – is what I imagine her thinking. This morning, Jon tells me that Ella offered him one of her Cheerios, so I’m hoping that this means she wants to share with Benjamin. Benjamin, most of the time, won’t steal from Ella, so it hasn’t been an issue the other way around, but it has been a few times so we try to do the same thing with him. He hasn’t really shared quite yet, but we’re working on it.

Oh, and one cute thing that Benjamin does is when there is music playing somewhere (and sometimes not), he will rock his head back and forth almost like the night at the Roxbury” guys (from SNL). It’s so adorable.

I know there was one other thing, but I can’t remember what it is.

So tomorrow is their birthday and on Saturday, we are having a party for them. I’m looking forward to it! Now, I just got get everything together for it and do some grocery shopping!

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